Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's Helping Send Our Kids off to Die fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

Working behind the scenes with not near as much publicity as the State Department, other than Treasury Secretary GEITHNER babbling about how we've endured the "greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression," is a whole army of 'Israeli-Firsters' whose loyalty is only to Israel and making sure America stays bogged down fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' for decades is the US Treasury Department....... and pretending to be the 'fox' guarding the Treasury 'Hen' House.

This gang is pushing for and helping craft the new round of sanctions against Iran that will be an 'economic act of war.'

GEITHNER is assisted by Deputy Sec'y Neal WOLIN.

You may not recognize WOLIN's name, so here's a refresher about his shady dealings with his past firm, Hartford and how Neal helped craft and pass the financial deregulation bill that let Wall Street go on a looting spree.

Yes, the right man for the Treausry job, wouldn't you say?

There's the Terrorism and Financial Intelligence headed by Stuart LEVEY, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

As Under Secretary, he leads an office which marshals the Treasury Department's policy, enforcement, regulatory, and intelligence functions to sever the lines of financial support to international terrorists, WMD proliferators, narcotics traffickers, and other threats to our national security..... and disrupt and dismantle the financial networks supporting terrorist organizations.

In other words, LEVEY sees to it personally that Israel can continue on being the ME's #1 terrorist state that gets money from its illegal drug trade--when Congress is not shoveling tons of OUR tax money to Apartheid Israel--and ensures that Israel continues making it's WMD's and beefing up it's nuclear weapon stockpile.

LEVEY is some of that "Change" Obama promised..... he's a holdover from the GW Bush years.

Then there's David COHEN, Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing.

COHEN likes to scare Americans into keeping their sons and daughters fighting and dying in those 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' by making outlandish claims about "al-Qaeda" and the Taliban, like this one that says the Taliban are the Numero Uno terrorists in Pakistan..... a timely article that helps bolster the cry for an endless supply of American kids being shipped off to fight the wars against Aghanistan and Pakistsan.

COHEN is responsible for formulating and coordinating the counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering efforts of the Department of the Treasury.

Yes, that department did such a great job when 'Bernie' Madoff MADOFF with billions of dollars from Wall Street pension funds and shipped much of that loot to Israel.

There are many other officials at Treasury who make decisions behind closed doors that affect and will affect our nation's finance and continuation of their 'War of Terror.'

But good luck finding out who's heading those departments as the info is NOT on the Treasury Department's home page, nor is it to be found using Google or BING.

Guess that's Obama and Speaker Pelosi's idea of making OUR government more transparent.... You'd have better luck trying to peer thru muddy water to see the bottom of a creek.


  1. What a clusterfuck.

    Why do we allow DUAL-LOYALISTS within our government?

    This is why the original Thirteenth Amendment, The Titles of Nobility Amendment, was replaced with the one that purports to abolish slavery, but ACTUALLY PROMOTES IT.

    Don't go too nuts looking for this link - it's in the sidebar on my blog. There's more than one, which is why it isn't being pasted here.

    At any rate...there were many useful laws and statutes that would disqualify the scumbags from occupying our government, such as the Trading With The Enemy Act - if this were still in force, the Bushes would either be working in McDonald's handling the fry basket, or sucking cock in alleyways for a dollar a pop.

  2. The French found a very intriguing way to get rid of blood sucking pests, it was a little device called the Guillotine.


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