Tuesday, November 24, 2009

American Casino.... AKA WALL STREET

Politicians and the media like to talk about the relationship between Wall Street and Main Street, but investigative journalist Leslie Cockburns debut feature gets to the guts of the matter, visiting defectors from Bear Stearns and Standard & Poors and other high-level players in the subprime mortgage gamble (not to mention Bloomberg's Mark Pittman, America's finest financial reporter) and, on the flipside, visiting the working-class Americans who were the unwitting chips on the table. Unique in coverage of the financial fiasco that is ruining us all, American Casino tracks the fate of a subprime borrower enmeshed in a Goldman-Sachs mortgage bond, catches Alan Greenspan in his most abject moment of self justification, and takes to the post-apocalyptic world of California's Riverside County, where millions of disease-bearing mosquitoes are breeding in the stagnant swimming pools of the foreclosed American dream.

For more information visit www.americancasinothemovie.com

It is rare that a documentary director has the privilege to shoot a film that, while in production, becomes the greatest story of our time. The worst case scenario of January 2008, when we began work on American Casino, turned into reality in the year that followed. We were able to follow our characters through Wall Streets collapse, foreclosure, bankruptcy, homelessness. We watched whole neighborhoods ravaged by the subprime meltdown. I have spent much of my career filming in war zones and post apocalyptic societies — Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan. But I never expected such a disaster at home. To be there, with a camera, while it was happening, telling the story, was certainly the highlight of my career.

Leslie Cockburn, Director

What the hell are you doing, asking questions about Wall Street CON GAMES? Don't even think about the private banking families that own and control the Federal Reserve and own and control the USA.

Only vile, loathsome anti-Semites would think that, just ask the ADL's Abe Foxman!

Blaming the Jews: The Financial Crisis and Anti-Semitism

Just because the current head of the Fed, Ben 'Shalom' Bernanke is Jewish and the last Fed head, Alan Greenspan is a Jew is no cause for alarm. They have our best interests at heart, they really, really do!!!

It's those damned devious Islamofascist types you should worry about!!

All those Islamofascists like Rahm Emanuel, Axelrod, Orszag, Summers and that 'towel head' lover and bomb thrower HRM Clinton, who has threatened to nuke Israel numerous times that Obama appointed to his cabinet! OMG!!!

Obama has appointed more of those Islamofascist types to his cabinet than former President Clinton, who had set a record for appointing Muzzies.

Check out the web pages of the State and Treasury Departments and you'll be shocked at how many Islamofascists are lurking in the halls.

Wonder how Islamofascists have taken over the Federal Reserve and are not only fighting an audit, but have made veiled threats to take down the economy if an audit is performed and we keep asking questions about that 24 TRILLION dollars the Fed printed up and gave away to its buddies.

And all those Wall Street banks that pulled off the largest theft in history, robbing Americans and stealing their homes?

All staffed, owned and operated by more sinister Islamofascists types.

Those major MSM outlets that conjured up lies about Iraq and passed them on as news?
All run by Islamofascists who are so sneaky, they tricked the USA into invading TWO Muslim nations and are now leading us into more wars against Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Iran.

Those crafty devils!

Those DC 'think tanks' like AEI, WINEP, JINSA and Brookings that spend all their time 'thinking' about how to keep America bogged down in the ME fighting endless wars and sacrificing our kids and spending ourselves into poverty to support the wars?

ALL run by those sneaky Muzzies!!

Yes America, our country has already been taken over by those types of Islamofascist and you don't even know it happened.

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