Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dr. Strangelove or How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy These Splendid 'Little Wars!'


  1. @Greg, in answer to your question re the video you can't embed, you could try downloading it here and then putting it up yourself somewhere maybe

  2. I don't have hispeed net access, so I'm screwed, but thanks for the help.

  3. No high-speed internet, well fuck me I take my hat off to you, when I run out of allowance I am throttled-back (they call it 'shaping' now) to dial-up speed and I got nuts trying to work. You are one of the best sites on the Net, and if you do it at less than 512; cue the sound of me doffing my hat! Braaverr, braverr!

    T3E: nuttier than a sixty pound fruit-cake

  4. The remote location lets the phone companies and Net access firms put the screws to me.

    They want $59 dollars a month and a TWO year contract.

    That's a bit too steep for me, so I'll keep driving my Model T for awhile.


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