Monday, November 30, 2009

Forget "Cap and Trade," Give REAL power back to the people this way

If those in power were truly interested in helping the climate, they'd follow the lead of Germany that has a law on the books stating that low interest loans shall be made to home owners wishing to install photovoltaic cells or wind turbines on their residence.
This not only saves buying energy from overseas, but has generated significant jobs in the manufacture and installation of these true alternative energy technologies.

Who can argue with job creation and more freedom from Big Oil?

DC powerbrokers, who recoil at the thought of giving We the People a taste of that precious commodity.

In June 1992, the Freiburg city council adopted a resolution that it would only permit construction of "low-energy buildings" on municipal land, and all new buildings must comply with certain "low energy" specifications. Low energy housing uses solar power passively as well as actively. In addition to solar panels and collectors on the roof, providing electricity and hot water, many passive features use the sun’s energy to regulate the temperature of the rooms.


  1. 30 years ago during the Carter admin, TVA was giving no interest loans for solar installations. The solar industry was young but growing with a lot of interest. Reagan stopped it in it's tracks. Decentralization of energy wasn't good for big business.

    Can you imagine if just a fraction of military spending over all these years had been spent to improve the solar technology and get it to the people at a reasonable price?

  2. We'd have laptops that wouldn't need batteries...but that wouldn't do...fucking asshats.


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