Monday, November 23, 2009

FOX News hold Congressional hearings into Ft. Hood & these Israeli Senators attend

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Con) held the first congressional hearing into the Fort Hood shootings with minimal cooperation from the Obama administration.

No administration officials appeared at Thursday’s Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee hearing despite requests by Lieberman.

Hey Joe boy, what's the rush? Remember when people were pressing for a 9/11 investigation and how the Congress and WH delayed and stalled any investigation into that mass murder?

So what's the hurry to look into LEE HARVEY HASAN?

FOX News sends its 'experts' to the Rescue

There was FOX News Contributor General Jack Keane (ret), who's never met a war against Israel's 'existential' enemies he didn't like and loves to hang out with his Kosher buds at AEI.
When former President Eisenhower warned the USA about the "military-industrial complex," he probably had someone like Keane in mind.

And FOX News Contributor, the perennially bug-eyed Frances Townshed, former Homeland Security honcho.

BTW, Fran honey, while you were GW's top dog on homeland security, you didn't get any assessments about LEE HARVEY HASAN? And if not, why not. We've been told he was sending out warning signs for years, so wassup?

And when you were with GW's WH, why did you tell so many fibs about 'threats' facing America. Here's a link to numerous whoppers you helped pass when you were GW's Counter-terrorism Chief.

You naughty girl, you!

And FOX News Contributor Brian Jenkins, retired SS officer. BTW, Brian, what did you do and who did you do it to in the four years you were in Vietnam? Were you part of "Operation Phoenix" the CIA sponsored program that captured, tortured and killed suspected Viet Cong and others? Your biography is kinda hazy about your 'Nam service time, 1966-70, but that's about the same time that 'Operation Phoenix" was started.

You might remember Jenkins as being mobbed up with the KROLL Group, the same group that provided 'security' to the WTC and was 'clueless' about what happened on 9/11(until the planes hit the towers, then KROLL knew absolutely it was Bin Laden)

And was an advisor to the WH on Aviation Security before 9/11!!

Yes, he seems to be qualified..... for something.

Yes, these 'distinguished' experts' should give us a honest, neutral assessment of what happened at Hood.

BTW, did they ever find out the name of the person Ft. Hood authorities told the public for at least SIX HOURS was the shooter and WAS DEAD? But then they found a wounded Muslim and the story changed?

And will they ask why the base MP's were AWOL and it took a civilian cop from Killeen to take down the shooter(s)?

And why did they lie about the female cop being the one who took down Hasan? Another "Private Lynch Rescue" story for mass consumption?

Senators in attendance, besides Joey Lieberman, were Carl Levin from Tel Aviv and John "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" McCain.

Hey, here's an idea.

Shouldn't we wait at least 14 months before doing any investigation into this tragedy? That's how long it took before the Congress decided to start looking into 9/11.

And only give the investigation a small amount of money and set time period for the investigation, just like 9/11. And a strict set of guidelines--just like you did to the 9/11 Commission--so the investigation won't stray from the officially pronounced narrative of a crazed Muslim Jihadist gunman.

Remember Joe Boy, if you call OBOMBA to testify, he can refuse to testify under oath just like then president GW Bush and VP Cheney did about 9/11 and was granted that favor. And former prez Bill Clinton and his veep, Gore, who both refused to testify under oath.

Psst, Joey, better tell your buds in the MOSSAD and CIA to rush into play that next Bin Laden recording where he crows about the Hood shootings!!!!!

Never let a tragedy go to waste. Ain't that right, Rahm?


  1. By the way, on the JFK assassination, did you see all the programs on television over the weekend reinforcing the Warren Commission official fairytale?

    One, I think it was on the Discovery Channel, was looking at the Zapruder film and "re-created" the assassiantion with a human "target", and took shots simulating shots that would have come from the grassy knoll as well as from behind.

    Their "conclusion" was that shots from the grassy knoll were NOT consistent with the Zapruder film, and that only a shot from the back (ie, the School Book Depository where Oswald was) was consistent with the film and evidence.

    There was one big problem with their little charade of a program. They would never show the "money shot" in the Zapruder film where Kenedy's head gets blown off and is clearly is driven to the back and to the left.

    What a joke.

  2. I'm somewhat familiar with rifles. There's no way in hell someone is going to get off 3 shots in less than six seconds from a worn out, poorly made WWII Italian bolt action rifle and hit a moving target.

    Good thing that JACOB RUBENSTEIN, AKA Jack Ruby, killed Oswald.

    Yes, Oswald was so smart and cagey to pull off the assassination of a US president but stupid enough to leave a paper trail by buying the weapon thru the mail when he could've walked into any Texas gun store, paid cash and left no trail?

  3. Luckily there were enough LHOs to confuse the bloody hell out of everyone.

    The Warren Commision can blow me in Macy's window...there no way I'll ever believe a fever dream like the Magic Bullet Theory...I would like to know where Arlen Specter buys that dusted weed, though...

  4. I would like to know where Arlen Specter buys that dusted weed, though

    Yep, ol' Snarlin' Arlen was with the Warren Commission perverting matters and he's still around today, playing lackey for Israel.


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