Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gazan ambulance driver describes his year

Palestinian ambulance driver Khaled Abu Sada has been helping to save lives for over a decade. He was first interviewed by Al Jazeera three years ago.

Returning to Gaza as Al Jazeera English celebrates its third anniversary, Khaled reports what has and hasn't changed over the last few years.

Facing difficulties such as the destruction of his house during Israel's war on Gaza and the loss of close friends, Khaled also comments on political issues that effect his life every single day.

Al Jazeera has an excellent news program that has been trying to get into the American market for several years and denied access by certain parties. They tried to get a satellite channel and were denied by certain parties.

A Zionist Jew, Haim Saban, who already owns numerous MSM outlets and a prominent Washington, DC think tank has tried to buy Al Jazeera in order to turn it into another "Paris Hilton/Glenn Beck/Holocaust™ Inc." wasteland, but so far, has failed in his attempts.

Al Jazeera has managed to squeak onto alternative outlets like Free Speech TV, but the show is only one-half hour long and is on a 9 pm CST. If you've never watched an Al Jazeera news broadcast, you're missing a treat, as they produce shows about REAL news and the anchors come across as highly educated and professional and not some CNN comedy team or FOX stripper showing as much of her thighs as possible.

See for yourself at this Al Jazeera link

And this. Who is really trying to wipe whom off the face of the Earth?

The Eviction Of Palestinian Families Continue

The United Nations, the United States and the European Union have all called on Israel to stop the illegal eviction of Palestinians and the demolition of their homes.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, urged Israel to end its "provocative actions" in East Jerusalem, while calling for it to freeze all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank.

Despite that, the sight of Palestinians in East Jerusalem being forced out of their homes has become an all too familiar scene.

Video - Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland reports from occupied East Jerusalem.


  1. Al Jazeera definitely had the best coverage of the Gaza massacre. There may be other ways but I've found that "Livestation" is a good way to get their streaming feed.

  2. One of these days, when I leave my Model T internet service behind and get affordable hi-speed 'Net, I'll be able to watch AJ online.


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