Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Israel--NOT Muslims-- DID 9/11"

Is the only one with CAJONES a frail, elderly old man?

Keep your eyes and what's left of your brain on the designated 'boogieman' Muslims, since they've been the designated patsies since the 9/11 False-Flag.

Don't pay ANY attention to Wall Street Banks robbing us blind and laughing about those HUGE bonuses they took from that TARP money.

Don't wonder what happened to that 24 TRILLION the Federal Reserve printed up and gave away to it's bankster friends and then told us to "Piss Off" when some asked for an audit. Money printed out of thin air and given away to gangsters that will be turned into DEBT, to be paid by "We the People."

Don't spend anytime thinking that there might be more 'Bernie' Madoff types looting your 401K accounts, pension fund and regional banks then shipping that loot to Israel just because the Feds were completely clueless about 'Bernie" even though they had repeated warnings about his scams.

Don't cry over the nearly 100,000 thousand Americans who have either been killed or wounded fighting since 9/11, after all, they've been dying for the greater glory of Israel and NO discussion is allowed on that subject unless you want to be hauled before the ADL's 'Hate Crimes Tribunal.'

Don't shed a tear over the crumbling of America highways, bridges, schools and neighborhoods, be grateful that most of that money was either stolen from our Congressionally mandated Trust Funds or just handed over to a certain SLC.

Keep your eyes and hate focused on those damned Muzzies, because they are the source of all the above troubles, not a cabal of Zionists and Neocons trying to own and control the world.

Zan takes on the KRLA crowd gathered to hear Dennis Miller, Dennis Prager and Larry Elder at the Alex theatre in Glendale California. To say the least the crowd were none to happy with his "Israel did 911" message.


  1. Greg, that quote you sent me had the iciest chills of recognition running deep within me. I guess you have gathered now that I approach this mess with more sight than what we see here. I am very familiar with demons from horrendous past experiences. I am very familiar with the extreme influx of these foul creatures especially since 911. The cumulative pain and the offering of fire let so many loose from the places they abide, the lower vibratory levels. They feed on pain as you and I feed on fruit and vegetables. Our emotions nourish their power and they are feasting beyond belief these days as the planet is prepared for the arrival of their leader. All of this goes back to the beliefs of the ancients and has been kept and brought forward through time via the Talmud and other such arcane writings of untold evil. That is what Alister Crowley was all about when he spread satanism and child sacrifice around America especially to the Freemasons, and Timothy Leary, Anton LaVey etc.

    But their latest is Pazuzu. I have his picture up on one of my pages because although a recent work, it fits his description perfectly. He has been brought forth by them to feed and be worshiped by the plagues now being released upon the world. He has been invited to feast, the demon of the hot dry winds of death and air borne plagues.

    I know to most of the world this is fanciful crap and idiocy. But like the writer of that piece, some of us have other senses that are fully aware that this battle is not just on earth, it is being fought in other realms of existence, different vibratory levels.

    I have seen these demons writhing around drug addicts, sex addicts, they feed deeply in the bdsm world where pain is so extreme. Might I add, if you have a ouiji board, burn it, dump it, just don't even give it away. It is a portal.

    Do I sound crazy? I have been attacked by these things and almost lost my life twice as a result. These Jews want to own our souls, not just our bodies and our things. They do not want us looking towards the life and love of Jesus or any other good and positive source of strength.

    WOW see what you did sending me that? Hit a button there you did. But, some of us are cursed/blessed with the ability to see. These leaders of countries.. if you look into their eyes, you will see they are dead, and you wonder who is really speaking through them.

  2. Good try by Zan but what a neocon jewish crowd. And Dennis Miller has become such a slut for the extreme right wing money.

  3. Now about Mr. Billboard. What a brave man. We have The TINFOIL HAT lady who does this. They are having a good time, not a real time.

    Heck he is goyim, what constitutional rights does he have under the Noahyde Laws? Shoot the old fart! He is not embracing true Jewry. He is wise... takes the rejection well.

    I have just posted up the complete THE INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry FORD and am just throwing in some images to show how, although that book was written 100 years ago, we goyim have not listened or learned from his wise advice and I wonder what he would say if he saw things now. He is the man who proved Capitalism could be a good thing if not filled with Jewish greed.

    But it was hidden from all folks, including the Jews themselves.

  4. Excellent article. I really enjoyed the video. Silence is complicity.

    Dante said "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis"


  5. Noor al Haqiqa, I do know that things like Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Bush family, Rice--both of them--Wolfowitz, Feith, Obama, both Clintons and the rest are sadisitic savages, brutal SOB's who thrive on sowing death and destruction among people.

    They get some sort of visceral pleasure from their awful activities, all the while proclaiming they're for peace.

    As for the rest, the only thing I'm sure about these days is death and taxes.

    And yes Kenny, Dennis Miller is a tired, worn out hack who thinks he's funny, but he's just a MSM whore for the Neocon and Zionist crowd.

  6. Dennis Miller is nothing but a worn-out thesaurus whore. The party's over for his silly ass.

  7. I never thought Miller was funny, but there's good money to be made whoring for the traitors ruining America.

  8. Haven't been here in a while. You still post great editorial. Thanks Greg.



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