Saturday, November 14, 2009

Israel's using OUR TAX DOLLARS to SHOOT children

"The Punk Has A Grenade, Pull The Trigger Abe"


It Was Life Or Death, So Shem Pulled The Trigger


Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 10-year-old boy and a Palestinian militant in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

A Hamas official said the boy was killed by Israeli troops operating near the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. An Israeli army spokeswoman said Israeli troops clashed with militants in the area, but said the army was unaware of a child being hit.

The Palestinian Version

The man was a farmer, he was working the fields with his son, and they were were near the Gaza/Israeli fence.

This is how an article about Israeli Occupation Forces killing a child gets framed in the Zionist press to help shield Israel from any criticism from its ongoing criminal activities.

Israeli troops kill militant, child in Gaza

The truth is that Israel is a violent, out of control nation led by psychotic right-wing extremists and protected from reality and war crimes prosecution by the USA.

Mass murderers must stick together, don't you know!

Another story about IOF goon squads shooting and killing Gaza teenagers that is again framed as if Israel was just protecting itself during a 'confrontation' when actually what happened was that IOF soldiers were bored and decided to butcher some Palestinians for sport.

If you like killing people for sport and wish to do so without fear of reprisal, then make 'aliyah' to Israel..... but only if you're a 'Chosen One' because they don't like or permit us GOY types to immigrate to that nation of thieves, liars, murderers, con artists, assassins, crooks and false-flag experts.

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  1. Muslims are the violent ones...yeah...and the check's in the mail...and I won't do that thing in yer mouth...OOPS!


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