Friday, November 20, 2009

Something very dark and ominous is perverting Christianity

Interview with Former Evangelist Frank Schaeffer: Christian Right Is 'Trolling for Assassins'
As reported this week in the “Christian Science Monitor,” “Pray for President Obama, Psalm 109, verse eight.” What‘s psalm 109 version eight? Well, it reads, “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” Let his days be few. It‘s followed immediately by another verse, “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

And don‘t forget, that sentiment is now being merchandised on bumper stickers, on mouse pads, on Teddy Bears on aprons, framed tiles—those are nice. Keepsake boxes, t-shirts? “Let his days be few”—cute on a Teddy Bear.
Whatever happened to the version of Christianity taught by Christ and his beautiful "Sermon on the Mount," where he taught that we should feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and minister to the sick?

He talked of being merciful.... Praying and hoping for someone to be assassinated probably doesn't fall into this category.... and blessed the peacemakers.
JC didn't say to clap and cheer the invasion of Muslim countries nor to petition and threaten Congress to invade and decimate Iran.

That kinda of preaching must be for wussies these days, as the Christian red meat eaters, mostly Evangelicals and Pentecostals, are too busy praying for a nuclear Armageddon so JC can descend from heaven on a radioactive cloud made up of the vaporized corpses of billions.

Or they spend their time worshipping Israel.

These days, America has several gods.

The God of Wall Street, Mammonism.

The God of Israel, Zionism.

And the God of Death and Destruction, the Pentagon.

And thou shalt worship these till the end of days.... which might be soon, if those religious nut cases get their way.

For the record, I do not consider myself a Christian, although I was baptized and raised Catholic. After my tour of duty with the 82nd Airborne, I attended a local Pentecostal church for awhile and was amazed at the amout of money the flock donated to the church.
Some of the poorest people in that county attended that church and must of sacrificed greatly to donate that kind of money.

But you never heard where the money went or what charitable cause it helped. One day, I asked the preacher what happens to that money, since the church--formely owned by the Methodists--was bought outright with cash and paid for.

The preacher's face turned red and he pointed an accusing finger at me and said, "It's not up to you to question what God does with his money."

I turned around, walked out and said goodbye to religion.

IMO, organized religion has created way more problems than its solved over the centuries.

A person should try to improve themselves each and everyday, but do you really need to pay 'fixer' money to a 3rd party to accomplish that goal?


  1. Well said. I have been asking these questions myself and there are no answers to be found. It is happening all over the world...religion has been perverted to serve the 'dark force' they highlight in their scriptures. The funny thing is that this 'force' creeped in and took over their minds while they were thumping bibles, the torah and korans and the deluded fools didn't realize it...they were transformed into the very thing they were fuming against. I bet ol' Satan must be laughing his guts out!!

  2. "Something?" I think we know what that something is.

  3. something definitely has perverted christianity, and yes we know what it is. but i have to tell you, this psalm thing is another hyped-up controversy. a friend of a friend got an email from a grandmother or some elderly person about the psalm, thought it was funny and totally harmless, shared it, had an idea to get stickers made up, pursued that, next thing you know he's got gestapo people at the sticker place threatening to turn him in to the secret service fbi and homeland security. i mean it was over the top and pretty much instant reaction like they were *waiting* at the sticker company just waiting.

    so think about it. we know some of these emails come from psyops land. they predict what people will do. they plant the seed. people do the thing predicted. they're ready and waiting to turn it into an accusation of "you're threatening to assassinate the president of the united states" fiasco. and of course the person is like, wtf? are you fucking kidding?

    i think it's another manufactured controversy.

  4. I abandoned organized religion over the 'money' issue as well.
    The last Church I attended came highly recommended by a friend. Shortly after the obligatory opening group singing, the preacher announced a guest pastor from another Church who got up and launched into a fiery semi-sermon about tithing. He wound it up with a heartfelt word from above that those who didn't tithe were cursed. I immediately got up and left and never went back. God and I have gotten along really well over these last 20 years or so since that time and I have been blessed beyond my wildest imaginings.

  5. Hi from OZ. I understand where some bloggers are coming from, but I think they are making the usual mistake of confusing God with religion-they are 2 different subjects. If one can't make the distinction, one will always come to a wrong conclusion.
    What's happening in the World currently is no surprise to any genuine reader of the Bible, without listening to what other people's ideas of what it says are.
    Most ppl ASSUME what the Bible says based on distorted opinions of others, or bad experiences with religion etc. Get a modern version (I like "The Message" as an easy to read, novel type version)
    Start wherever you like and let it speak to you personally. You don't need anyone to tell you what it says-do your own research. But the Book of Revelation, which describes in vivid detail what will happen in the 'Latter Days', is the only book in the Bible which comes with a promised blessing for the 'hearer'

  6. This is exactly what happened to 'Christianty':

  7. The preacher's face turned red and he pointed an accusing finger at me and said, "It's not up to you to question what God does with his money."

    If he CREATED money...why would he need any from us?

    Hang your preacher by his balls until he gives unto you the true word.


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