Monday, November 23, 2009

Who's to blame for attacks against Pakistan civilians? CIA/MOSSAD Mercs

In a surprising move, the Pakistani Taliban has denied responsibility for the recent attacks in Pakistan. Instead, they blame Xe Services as well as the country's own security forces. Author and investigative journalist Webster Tarpley gives his take on the situation.

We've been told time and again that 'al Qaeda' is the sworn enemy of the Jews. Then why do those 'jihadists' blow up mosques, schools, markets and other places filled with Muslims?

THEY DON'T. The same ghouls that blew up mosques, schools, markets and other places filled with Muslim women and children in Gaza are the same murderous psychos that blow up civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan, aided and abetted by CIA/Pentagon mercs that gladly kill for money.

If 'al Qaeda' is such an enemy of Israel, then why don't they strike at Jewish interests around the world, there's sure as hell enough targets.


  1. Didn't you hear? Santa laus and the Easter Bunny are going to launch a joint offensive!

  2. Santa better stay away from Pakistan and Afghanistan or the Pentagon will shoot him down with a Hellfire missile.

  3. Tarpley looks amped.

  4. blackwater has an arms warehouse in Islamabad. makes it more convenient.

    It has been learnt that Col (Retd) Shahid Latif and Mujahid, who run Kestral Logistics, manage weapons and such type of sensitive instruments for Blackwater with the support of US Embassy.
    This scribe visited the industrial area himself and the suspicious activities of the warehouse employees made it quite evident that the company was involved in some extra-legal business. The warehouse has high walls, barbed wires and no signboard outside the boundary wall, making the activities of the house more doubtful.

  5. sorry, forgot the link:

  6. Murder Inc. just another name for the blood thirsty Christian Jihadists of Blackwater.


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