Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'al Qaeda' of the Ozarks now accepting applications!

'aL Qaeda' of the Ozarks, AKA AQO, is now accepting applications to join our 'Hillbilly Brigade!'

An 'aL Qaeda' of the Ozarks strike team, along with their secret code names


You must be of semi-sound mind and body and willing to give all to overthrow the world's Great 'Satan.'

Fluency in languages is desirable, but not necessary, as most of out other AQ success stories could only speak English or Yiddish.

You must be willing to travel for training to either Langley, VA or Tel Aviv, Israel.

NO passport necessary as we can get you on any flight anytime, anywhere.

AQ Central has decided to open an Ozarks branch to take advantage of ready manpower and the over abundance of 'loyal' American types who are willing to do ANYTHING to keep the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' hot, very hot.

You must be ready to learn a smattering of Arabic, so you can shout well-worn phrases that will get your targets crapping in their britches. And you must be willing to die in a staged incident that will make Americans scared out of their wits, but not to worry, your family members will be taken care of with money, lots and lots of money... or corn liquor.

Some of the CIA's most successful 'al Qaeda' types who went on to fame and fortune

'al Qaeda' of the Ozarks is a subsidiary of CIA Inc, which is owned by the Federal Reserve, which is part of NWO Consortium, which is controlled by the Bringers of Light Group.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, call 1 800-666-1984 today!


  1. Hey thar Gee Beee, LMFAO still LMFAO.
    You rock the Mike fucker!


  2. A little humor goes a long way to exposing the USA's criminal activities.

  3. Totally,..they say that Goebbels was a much better orator than the jew kid because he had a keen sense of humour and would incorporate humour into his speeches. So, you have something in common with a true demagogue. Nice.
    I'm a sharer. Don't thank me. It's a gift and curse.

    Commander PeeGeee of the Jerkwater Irregulars, Hillbilly Brigade, Eel Kaahda.

  4. Greg,

    I'm sure you've heard of this case of the Boyd family in North Carolina. link.

    A man named Daniel P. Boyd, his two sons, and some others are accused of "supporting terrorism" and facing life in prison for little more than 1) following Islam, 2)owning an AK-47 and a few other assault rifles, 3) going on trips to the Middle East, and 4) allegedly "advocating jihad."

    JOG prosecutors admit there is absolutely no evidence of any communications between Boyd and al-Qaeda.

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