Monday, December 28, 2009

The Boogieman Comes to Detroit for Christmas

Just when an article comes out showing nearly ALL US intelligence agencies played for a bunch of fools about hidden messages, an 'al Qaeda' type sneaks onto an airliner and tries to ignite some firecrackers.

The 'Cartoon News Network' and FUX have been running non-stop with this story for the last three days.

The Swine Flu thingee didn't scare us enough and the ruse to use the climate as an excuse to throttle the world with one government kinda blew up, so it's back to the old 'al Qaeda' made me do it to put the cattle into the proper mindset: FEAR.

MEMRI, the Jewish disinfo outlet, is babbling about AQ in Yemen, called Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), good luck finding the actual web page.

Along with another disinfo outlet, Wilkipedia, who's grasp on truth is somewhat tenuous...BTW, nice page on AQAP, who gave you the info, the CIA or MOSSAD?

Are we getting pimped and primed for another 9/11 False-Flag? If so, the next one will have to be bigger and bloodier than the original, something along the lines of radioactivity....

If the Goldstone Report on Israel's War Crimes Against Gaza during "Operation Eat Lead" ever gets traction and heads to a criminal court, look for a mushroom cloud to pop up over a medium-size US city.... courtesy of the same psychos who were behind 9/11.

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