Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crotch Bombers, Jewish Media Groups and the USA's 'War of Terror'

Our old friend Ben Venzke at the Jewish Media Group, IntelCenter, is at it again. IntelCenter is famous for finding 'al Qaeda' videos and releasing them even before the dead Bin Laden is informed of his being on the recording.

Now Ben finds an 'al Qaeda' web page that is not to be found in the real world and Americans get to find out which 'existential' enemy of Israel is next on the list to be bombed to hell and gone, Yemen.

How is it that a tiny DC area operation, IntelCenter, that only has a couple of employees, can outfox the world's intelligence agencies and be the first to 'find' this type of info? An outfit so small, they only have a PO box and not a legitimate mailing address.

Methinks there is more, much more here than is being told.
CIA-Linked Intel Center Releases Highly Suspicious Bin Laden Tape

The shadowy figure of Osama Bin Laden has popped up once again out of nowhere and right on time to re-energize the war in Afghanistan at the most politically opportune moment for the White House, strengthening deeply held suspicions that the terror leader has been dead for years and is merely being artificially resurrected as a sock puppet to rescue a failing geopolitical agenda.

The new audio tape was again released by IntelCenter. As we have exhaustively documented, Intelcenter is an offshoot of IDEFENSE, which was staffed by a senior military psy-op intelligence officer Jim Melnick, who has worked directly for Donald Rumsfeld. The organization released the “laughing hijackers” tape and claimed it was an Al-Qaeda video, despite the fact that the footage was obtained by a “security agency” at a 2000 Bin Laden speech.

IntelCenter was also caught adding its logo to a tape at the same time as Al-Qaeda’s so-called media arm.

We have just about lost count of the amount of times IntelCenter has released a tape from “Al-Qaeda” or “Bin Laden” at the most politically expedient time for the government, whether that be Bush or Obama. The most infamous was the Bin Laden tape that appeared just before the 2004 election that both Bush and Kerry attributed to George W. Bush gaining re-election.
Between Ben and another Jewish media group, Rita Katz's SITE, do we really have a need for the CIA, DIA, ONI and the FBI? Let's save billions and let these Israeli's provide all our intelligence needs, eh?

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E.: How two people can find out more than the CIA and FBI Combined

And when these disinfo outlets aren't spiking the news, they're testifying in favor of censoring the Internet.

Sure is nice of BL and his pals to sign away exclusive rights to some of their good buddies and pals in the Jewish world of intelligence, don't you think?

Here's some info on Ben Venzke and his IntelCenter's exclusive 'finds':
April 2006: A video featuring Qaeda no. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he said the US military had "seen only 'loss, disaster and misfortune' in Iraq", "was first obtained by IntelCenter".[2].

In June 2006, a video of "20th hijacker" Fawaz al-Nashimi, who died in a shootout in Saudi Arabia in 2004, "was released by IntelCenter".[3]

On 30 September 2006, IntelCenter "made available" an 18-minute Al-Qaeda tape in which Al-Zawahiri called Bush "a deceitful charlatan".[4]

On 2 October 2006, IntelCenter and Venzke were again referenced as a source in an article detailing a silent Al Qaeda video recently released in which two 9/11 hijackers, Muhammad Atta, and Zaid Al-Jarrah, read their last will and testaments[5]

On 4 July 2007, an al-Zawahiri video was "provided by al-Qaeda's As-Sahab Media to ... IntelCenter".[6] Another US-based intelligence group, SITE, "said it had obtained the tape ahead of its release on the internet by militant web sites".[1] The video was "first reported by IntelCenter and SITE".[7]

What a shrewd PR move by those jihadists to let Jewish Media Groups take charge of their publicity!

Bin Laden must be turning in his grave.


  1. Happy New Year Greg.

    Great work this past one and looking forward to more in the coming year.

  2. Hey GB, Surely there will be a moment when even the sheep can see the slaughterhouse at the other end of the paddock? I was never fooled by this 'B' Grade shit; the yids are such amateurs. Only the lowest common denominators would ever be conned by this horse-hockey! The night of 9/11 I LMAO. Bali, Spain London; if it wasn't so violent and hurtful to so many, I'd ignore it all. Unfortunately, my family may be in danger. So, I fight. Thank you for your blog. It is important, quality work and really helps.
    Thank you, happy new year.



  3. crotch bomber idea - only can sprout from Barney Fist & Sasha Cohen baron's (Borat the disgusting juu) combined useless heads!

  4. Barney Fist & Sasha Cohen baron's (Borat the disgusting juu) combined useless heads!

    I wonder which head of his Barney will choose to use?


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