Monday, December 21, 2009

Swine Flu Pandemic Not Scaring the Cattle? Bring on al Qaeda!

Wonder where the world's #1 'Bad Boy,' Bin Laden is up to these days, besides providing a feast for flesh-eating worms?

Remember how BL was all over the place when Zionist stooge German Chancellor Angela Merkel was running for reelection? He was a regular "Chatty Cathy" issuing all sorts of dire threats and ominous warnings about what would happen if Germans voted Merkel back into power.
Germans fell for the psyops and put Merkel and her party back into power and Bin Laden faded away.

Wonder when he's going to return from the beyond to issue more warnings?

Will the FBI's "Most Wanted Fugitive" page describing BL and his 'terrorist' activities will ever list his alleged role in 9/11?

BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

JA, don't question 9/11 or the next 9/11 might be in your city and this one will be radioactive, JA!

Obama Warns Not To Challenge Official 9/11 Story

Bush Caught Lying About September 11th

I was raised on a stock and grain farm and we sold cattle and hogs. When we needed to load the livestock onto the truck to take them to market, we'd start rounding them up by shouting and yelling at them to confuse them so we could move the gates in closer and closer, only giving them one exit and that was to walk into the truck to be shipped to the slaugherhouse.

Some of the more reluctant ones we'd shock with an electric cattle prod.

In the end, sooner or later, all walked up the loading chute and all got butchered.

'Lucky' Larry Silverstein who got extremely lucky and not only bought, but insured the WTC for billions against a terrorist attack just weeks before 9/11, is now part of the group that owns Chicago's Sears Tower, now called Willis Tower.

Wonder if that building has an asbestos problem?

All "reality based" people know Osama bin Laden has been dead for years. The only people mentioning him are con men looking for someone to blame or trying to scare idiots. Not only is bin Laden dead but Al Qaeda, if it existed at all, and proof of this is scarce, either moved to Africa or everyone in Al Qaeda quit and went home.

We can all agree they went to Africa and we can run around there looking for them. All we find now is an occasional "leader" who we blow to kingdom come with our Predator drones. What we do agree on is that there are fewer members of Al Qaeda than would fill a bus. These are America's official estimates, the ones used by Gates and McChrystal.

There is no evidence that there are any terrorist training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan where attacks on the US are being planned. This is a fantasy.

Can you expect an intelligence estimate whose cover sheet is adorned with mysterious quotes from the Old Testament to be any more credible inside than outside? This was the norm in the Rumsfeld Pentagon. If the truth didn't match biblical prophesy as interpreted by TV evangelists, the military changed the truth.

Reality based people call "changed truth" a form of lying.

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