Monday, December 14, 2009

What letting people get away with murder, theft, con jobs, more theft and murder does

What FREE American money and weapons does to a nation that lives on theft, lies and murder.... With NO consequences for any criminal actions... It has driven some of the Zionist land thieves completely fucking crazy.

Imagine an entire nation populated by mostly Ted Bundy types... mass-murderers who lie and steal for a living and then get the Zionist MSM to portray the perps as the victims.
Several decades of this con job have made a significant portion of Israeli Jews completely loony.

Add in the biblical prophesies that they interpret in a sick and twisted manner and you have a boiling pot of psychotic individuals who think they are above any law and only accountable to themselves.

A lunatic nation bristling with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons..... Which they wouldn't hesitate to use against America if they thought it would accomplish a goal.

Just look what 9/11 did for Israel.

No Peace, No Palestine

An estimated 10,000 protestors in Jerusalem on Wednesday demonstrated the strength of opposition to any settlement freeze. Netanyahou’s announcement of a ten month partial freeze, which does not apply to East Jerusalem, was dismissed as ‘not enough’ by the PA. To the massed ranks in Paris Square it was nothing short of betrayal.

A procession of high profile representatives of the far right delivered emotive speeches, accompanied by videos of settlers being arrested. "Get your hands off the land of Israel", roared Likud MK Danny Danon, referring to foreign pressure that many felt had led to the announcement.

National Union speaker Aryeh Eldad echoed his defiant tone, declaring" Jews are not ice pops; you don’t freeze us so fast". Their words were lapped up by an enthusiastic crowd that rarely stopped applauding and waving banners, proclaiming "Obama wants us frozen, God wants us chosen" and "No more uprooted from their homeland".

4,000 Palestinians have been evicted from Jerusalem in the past 12 months and over 3,000 pre-approved settlement units in the West Bank will go ahead as planned. Despite this, protestors in Paris square were in no doubt about who the real victims are. "It’s a fascistic, criminal law", said David, a lawyer from Jerusalem, "what’s the different between this and the Nazi’s racial laws before World War two?"

There was little support for a peace process described as a "dead end" by Oli, a settler from East Jerusalem; "we don’t want any connection with Palestinians," he told us, "there will never be peace. They want us to go and we want them to go. Nothing will stop, building will continue as normal. Nothing can change what it says in the Torah, not Obama, not Netanyahou, no-one".

Yitzhak, 23, from Shamron settlement in the West bank said Netanyahou had shown "total weakness. If we have the weaponry and the power to build we can overcome what Netanyahou says. Israel is a Jewish state, including the West Bank. Arabs shouldn’t be here in the first place but since they are here, we should give them a little room but not too much. Obama is pressuring us to give them more room than they need."

Yehuda Shimon, a lawyer from Havat Gilad, agreed, saying "when we arrived here there were no Palestinians, they are not mentioned in the Bible. They can go to Jordan or somewhere else. Muslim power wants to kill everybody, they will commit genocide in Europe one day."

No more uprooted from the homeland? I agree, get your lying, murdering, thieving asses back to Poland and Russia.

No Palestinians in 1948? Check out the map and info below to expose another lie by the Father of all Liars, Israel.

Palestine Remembered

Topography Of Palestine

Refugees Migration Routes

Population Distribution By District In 1946

Palestinian And Zionist Landownership By District in 1945

IMPORTANT MAP showing the destruction of Palestine

The most complete map of Palestine before and after Nakba (16 MB in size)

The Return Journey: A Guide to the ethnically cleansed and present Palestinians towns, villages, and holy sites in English, Arabic, and Hebrew

Jewish Owned Land In Palestine As Of 1947

Palestine's Main Roads And Railways

Palestine's UN GA Partition Plan, November 29th 1947

Extremely RARE map of Palestine before al-Nakba. It's 4 MB in size, however, it's worth the time to download. Note that the upper left corner of the map was signed by the Moshe Dayan, it's not like we're proud of that, however, it's worth noting.

An IMPORTANT MAP showing the massive destruction of Palestinian towns (doted in red) after al-Nakba Israeli Military Operations INSIDE UN Proposed Jewish State From Dec. 1947 To May 1948


  1. Incredible collection of maps. Not exactly what you will find in today's schoolbooks.

    From the early 90's up to the end of 2004 I ran a inspection lab where I lined the walls of the office with world, US and local maps. They generated a lot of traffic and conversation as people often came in to verify locations of 'events' as they happened.

    Some of those at the link would have made great additions.

  2. My computer's dictionary has a picture of Israel...

    It shows Israel as occupying all of Palestine, there are no lines delineating the West Bank or Gaza.

  3. Imagine an entire nation populated by mostly Ted Bundy types... mass-murderers who lie and steal for a living and then get the Zionist MSM to portray the perps as the victims.
    Several decades of this con job have made a significant portion of Israeli Jews completely loony.

    The beauty is that as they get away with more crimes (temporarily), and get even bolder, nuttier, and more openly evil...then the "goyim" will finally wake up en mass to what a bunch of scoundrels this race of vipers is. Their chutzpah is their downfall.

  4. "Their chutzpah is their downfall." This is the absolute truth and I have been saying this for years. Now that they are planet wide parasites they have nowhere left to run.

  5. Their chutzpah is their downfall.

    That's why Israel needs to be disarmed of ALL its nuclear weapons before they get pissed at the entire world for the problems THEY created and nuke us all.


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