Saturday, December 12, 2009

Your tax dollars at work: White House to celebrate Jewish holy day of Hannukkah

Isn't there a piece of paper somewhere that says something about "freedom from religion?"

Where's the WH manger scene? Or is that not 'Kosher?' Can't have one of those, since the ADL got that type of religious display declared VERBOTEN back in 1983.

On Sunday Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, will light the White House menorah, and on Wednesday Obama will host the annual celebration, during which the two children of a soldier serving in Iraq will light a 19th century menorah brought from Prague.

Nearly 600 of the 'Chosen' invited to wine and dine at the White House, on your dime.

Have you ever got an invite to attend a WH function?

This thing is HUGE. If the man standing by the menorah is 6' tall, the religious idol must be at least 35' tall. What's next, a 'golden calf,' filled with tungsten to sing the praises of Wall Street con artists?

Eight Days of Hanukkah by Senator Orrin Hatch

A US Senator from one cultish religion, Mormonism, singing the praises of another cultish religion, Judaism?

No wonder Israel receives billions each year in US tax dollars and billions and billions more in advanced US weaponry when they have 'useful idiots' like this in the Congress.... and the White House.

"Hey Senator Hatch, did you write any lyrics for the USS Liberty?"


  1. Hey GB, I am faarking flabbergasted..."but it's only a Hanukkah song, written by a republican Senator from Utah"! Well fuck me drunk - "That's another fine mess you've exposed me to Stanley"! Your work is always a treat; a huge fucking menorah in the grounds of the WH - that says it all!

    Cheers mate,


  2. Paid for by US tax dollars. We don't have enough money to properly treaat our Vets coming home from the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' but we do have money to put up Jewish religious displays on the WH grounds and treat 550 of the 'Chosen' to a luxurious WH banquet.

  3. I wonder if the two kids to light the menorah are jewish? Isn't it sort of hard to find a jew in the military? But throw a rock towards the crowd surrounding Obama and you're bound to hit one.


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