Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bin Laden Moving Operations to Venezuela!

Anywhere the USA Empire feels the need to stick in its nose and either steal some natural resources or to keep the phony 'War of Terror' going, good ol' al CIA duh usually pops up.

From Pakistan, to Iran, to Yemen (which is actually involved in a civil war; the Yemenis are trying to overthrow their very corrupt and sadistic head, Saleh) to South America, al CIA duh will come to the Pentagon's rescue.
U.S. study says Venezuelan Orinoco reserves top 500 bn barrels

Washington, Jan 23 (EFE).- Venezuela's oil-rich Orinoco Belt contains 513 billion barrels of recoverable reserves, or double previous estimates, according to a study published by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The U.S. government agency said the Orinoco Belt was the largest oil accumulation it had ever assessed.


  1. Hey GB,.. Anyone remember the wailing and weeping over 'Peak Oil'. I think Climate Change will find it's way into the same Tar-pit. I hear there are Polar Bears setting up a tent city of Igloos in Hyde Park, London. At one time here in Oz, petrol was $1.65 a litre during the height of the 'Peak Oil' scare - based on the Math it should be about 70 cents. Funny that when we invaded oops, 'liberated' Timor L'este we immediately restored all the Platforms in the Timor L'este Oilfields,(world's seventh largest reserve) yet twelve years on the poor people of Dili the Capital City still have no constant hot & cold running water and suffer through regular Brown-outs because the electricity grid has not yet been fixed properly.

    Do you think the zionists will bomb Venezuela before Iran?



  2. Let me get this straight.... The CIA has dug up Bin Laden's smelly corpse out of his grave in NW Pakistan, put it into a body bag to cover the smell, has loaded it into an American C-5 transport, and has whisked it overseas to Caracas, Venezuela? I know that the header in your article is meant as a joke, but I would not put it past the Americans to try to do this kind of thing!

    Maybe Hezbollah is sending agents there to launch long range rockets against Israel from Venezuela?

    Or maybe the Haitian earthquakes were triggered by evil Venezuelan earthquake machines?

    Or maybe the US is now claiming that Chavez's last speech included the quote: "Wipe Israel from the face of the planet!"?

    Or maybe Venezuela is building nuclear bombs?

    Anything to get a new war off the ground... This time against Venezuela!

  3. Rest assured, either Rita KATZ of SITE or Ben VENZKE of IntelCenter will be the first--as usual--to 'find' the next set of Bin Laden tapes claiming responsibility for the vehicle bombs that start going off in Caracas.

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