Friday, January 8, 2010

Can I write a blog that makes fun of hook-nosed Jews w/o repercussions?

What is 'Free Speech?' Can I write a story about hook-nosed Jews robbing Americans blind and shipping that loot to Israel or would the Blogger police shut down my blog?

Officials: Anti-Muslim images are protected speech
MINNEAPOLIS – Two Minnesota prosecutors say they won't file charges against a man who investigators say admitted posting anti-Muslim images in front of a mosque, a Somali-owned store and other spots.

They say the cartoons are protected under the First Amendment.

The posters put up last month in the St. Cloud area depicted images such as the Prophet Muhammad engaged in bestiality and an Islamic crescent with a swastika inside it.

Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall called it a "classic First Amendment case." Benton County Attorney Robert Raupp says religious criticism is protected speech, even if it is offensive.

Where's the ADL? Isn't this covered under the 'Hate Crimes Act' recently passed, or since it's against a people we're being told to hate, Muslims, then it's OK and maybe even encouraged?

I wonder what the response would be if the 'cartoons' showed a hook-nosed Jew having sex with a child?

Don't be offended by the pics, after all, they're protected by 'Free Speech!' Ain't that right, Mr. Foxman?


  1. Hey GB,..

    I was going to start this comment with..."I'm sorry but...". Buuut, I'm not sorry, I hate'm, the yids that is, anti-semitic anti-schemitic...I hate the fuckers! Poisonous vile cunts!

    Paulie Grice

  2. I did and no one said a word.

    You know, when I was a teenager I had a "best friend" with the last name Schwartz. She used to joke the only thing Jewish about her was her nose and had it fixed in Grade 11.

    She then proceded to seduce my best girlfriend, her boyfriend, then my boyfriend. She went gay and ended up a sex therapist!

    My revenge for the bit with my boyfriend? She left me with a bottle of UGH Manishevitz wine, deep sweet red.

    Pity but her mom's pristine white shag rug was badly stained by my drinking for the very first time. Too much.

    I can still remember how pretty the green peas and salmon looked in that red stain.

    I can tell you right now, there was much more Jewish about her than her nose.

    But some have done it and Abe and the gang castigated them for "stereotyping". One thing I have read btw that is interesting is...

    When they are young Jews do not look particularly "Jewish". They even mix with goyim, might even blend right in. However as life goes on they become more and more Jewish looking ~ lips nose etc.

    There have been studies done to see if it was a genetic thing but it seems instead it ins the changes in character and surroundings that somehow cause this to happen. Right? Wrong? Who really knows.


  3. BTW, Who cares? Just a bunch of crummy Muslims. Americans started to hate them when they watched Disney stereotyping.

    Have you noticed how black stereotyping has disappeared? Amos n Andy, B'rer Rabbit, etc? Or how even Tom Sawyer has been removed from schools? But Dear racist Walt slammed em all in the beginning, but still keeps up the Muslim stuff in cartoons.

    Yanno, we don't even have to make fun of Abe. Just the way he behaves does it for him.

  4. Removing Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer" is confusing, since it's obvious to anyone who read the book that it was against segration and slavery.


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