Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hasbara, The fine art of Jewish lying

This is a song making fun of the messages (and style) of Israel trying to justify Israeli policy regarding Gaza to people living abroad.
This clip was aired on prime time television during the Gaza war itself, in an extremely popular Israeli satire show, similar to SNL.
The clip is unique since, to Israelis, it successfully manages to both effectively communicate the Israeli narrative of the conflict, and to mock the very thing it is communicating at the same time.

The fine art of lying which is practiced everyday in Zionist owned and controlled news outlets like the New York Times and WaPo.... and CNN--the Cartoon News Network--and FOX.
Lies, disinfo and propaganda that steadily drip into American's minds 24/7, slowly poisoning them to think Israel is our friend and ally, when it is nothing more than a gangster paradise, and the leading ME terror exporter.

Lies that enable Apartheid Israel to use its overwhelming control of American MSM to paint anyone who dare utter a voice against Israel's murderous occupation of Palestine or to question why the USA supports Israel unconditionally as being anti-Semitic or a Jew hater.

Lies that are designed to shut people up and worship at the altar of Zionism.

Lies like these:

The territories are disputed, not occupied.

The settlements are not illegal under international law.

Israeli soldiers are required by their Code of Ethics to risk their own lives in order not to harm civilians.

Torture is illegal in Israel.

All of Palestine, from the river to the sea, was given to the Jews by the League of Nations and this has not been repealed.

The difference between Palestinian terrorism nowadays and Jewish terrorism in the 1930s-40s is that the latter never targetted civilians.

And more lies about how Hezbollah endangers the Lebanese. When all else fails, accuse those who question Israel's homicidal policies of pedophilia.

Insolence and hasbara are the soundtrack to these images in my head
Our friends, the Israeli's, letting their children 'play'


And the aftermath of Jewish children playing when their little 'gifts' get dropped on Lebanon


Or just kill them all now, after all, they'll only grow up to be Hamas terrorists, right?


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