Monday, January 18, 2010

Israel sends organ harvesting team to Haiti?

The Empire's officially sanctioned news outlets like CNN and FOX have been giving coverage to Apartheid Israel sending a rescue team to Haiti, heaping praise and adoration upon that nation of war mongers, but NO news about the rescue team from Iceland, which was one of the first to arrive.

Why? Is it because Iceland is thumbing its nose at the international banking cartel and trying to dig its way out from under IMF imposed debt without caving in to that band of pirates?

Gotta teach those 'uppity' Icelanders a hard lesson in economics.

And how is that a team from economically shattered Iceland can get a rescue team in the air within 24 hours while the world's richest country continues to drag its feet?

At least we got the 82nd Airborne on the way within a couple of days.

Iceland sends earthquake help to Haiti

Following yesterday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Icelandic government decided to send the country’s International Crisis Response Unit, the members of which are specially trained in wreckage search and rescue. They will be among the first foreign teams to arrive.

All 37 international team members were called to the ICESAR (Iceland Search and Rescue) headquarters last night and were sent away again to prepare around midnight. They took off at around 10.00 GMT this morning.

The team’s equipment weighs ten tonnes, as well as three tonnes of water, high tech telecommunications equipment and water purification equipment. The equipment the team land with will allow them to work for a whole week without any outside assistance.

Guess a cynical person might look at this as Israel trying to polish up its dirtied appearance after its murderous invasions of Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2009 and the ongoing strangulation and genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing directed against all of Palestine.

Count me as a cynic.

And how is that useless lumps of flesh like those two carpet baggers from Arkansas can fly into Haiti without any problems, clogging up the airfield for a massive load of hot air while true helpers of the needy, like 'Doctors without Borders' get told to take a hike and can't land their life saving crews and equipment?


  1. cynic #2 here!

    Greg, It's true that they have no valuable natural resources BUT it has plenty of poor & desperate people.

    Why do I think that organ thieves will open up a shop or two soon, disguised as "charity works" something.

    January 15, 2010 5:53 PM

  2. Hey GB...rang the bell again mate!

    Just a few of points and a conclusion extracted from a comment I posted at Les's Dish that might clarify some things for you and musique...

    1.That no other Quakes on that Fault Line happened simultaneously compounds the equation regarding probability. The Odds of this event happening decrease exponentially with the rarity of each specific contributing effect culminating in this massive isolated event.

    2. That a device, if it exists – HAARP, which can cause such an event is intriguing.

    3. My analysis of the CIA’s assessment of Haiti’s value from a geopolitical perspective and strategic natural resources led me to an interesting item of information. The Haitian government announced the discovery of new gold deposits in the northern peninsula in 1985, but long-standing plans for gold production proceeded slowly. With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the government planned to perform its first comprehensive geological survey in the late 1980s. “Haiti has the potential of having billions of dollars worth of gold deposits in Massif du Nord. Haiti may not have the knowledge nor the technology to mine the gold. However, the gold is on Haiti's soil. It belongs to the people of Haiti.” Source: Greg Peters:

    4. There is a very high probability that if HAARP has the ability to affect a weaponised Earthquake event and given the geo-political and resource potential of Haiti; the possibility is extremely viable that the earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s infrastructure and killed, maimed and made homeless and destitute Haiti’s human population – was a premeditated assault upon that nation.

    N.B. Love light & peace!


  3. There have been 3 quakes this year
    1 in the Solomon Islands, then across the Pacific to just outside Eureka, California and then turn south-east to Haiti.
    Seems a bit connected to me, but I'm not a seismologist.
    I wondered about old atom tests, or perhaps underground tunnels, or perhaps construction underground having a knock-on effect.

    All hypothesis , but still surprised no one has really written about all 3 'quakes.

    have a map of with the 3 epicentres [ not a very accurate map].


  4. What I don't understand is why the quake only devasted Haiti and not the rest of the island.

    The Domincan Republic is unharmed and the entire island isn't that big.

    I didn't think quakes were so specific.

  5. The 5-month-old patient at the Israeli field hospital has a number rather than a name.

    No one even knows who dropped the barely conscious child at the makeshift medical centre after he was pulled from the debris of a collapsed building four days after last week’s catastrophic quake. Now recovering, doctors have a difficult decision ahead.

    “What will we do with him when we are finished?” said Dr. Assa Amit of the hospital’s pediatric emergency department.

    Tens of thousands of children have been orphaned by the earthquake, aid groups say - so many that officials won’t venture a number. With so many buildings destroyed and growing chaos in the capital, it is conceivable that many children are alone.

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