Saturday, January 30, 2010

President WalMart Announces a New Front in the War of Terror

Washington--President WalMart announced that it was ordering Secretary of Defense Boeing to supply more troops to Israel's fight against al Qaeda of Palestine (AQOP™).

"We can not stand by idly while the world's greatest democracy deals with terrorists, fighting our battles" was the message coming out of the computerized image on the telscreen.

President Wal Mart added, "Secretary of State Microsoft will assist in this worthy endeavor and I will also direct Secretary of the Treasury Goldman Sachs to divert as much money from Social Security as needed for this valiant struggle to keep those who hate us for our freedoms from trashing this great democracy!"

In other Washington news, Secretary of the Interior ExxonMobil and Department of Homeland Security head Blackwater/Xe announced they were collaborating on ways to deal with the massive number of homeless Americans now living in national parks.

One idea a computerized aide passed out was to let the Secretary of Education FOX News start instructing the people that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Reporting from the Ministry of Truth, this is Emmanuel Goldstein.

Thom interviews a corporation now running for Congress

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  1. Hey GB,.. Harmless tongue-in-cheek, yeah right. Excellent piece, from the "Gerbals for Peace Pty Ltd.". Orwellian nightmare anyone?




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