Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The ADL.. AMERICAN DAGO LOBBY swings into action!

Why so many lies surrounding the Holocaust™?

John Ball explains how he threatened the US Holocaust Museum with a lawsuit if they publicly displayed altered Auschwitz aerial photographs as genuine, how the Jewish so-called "Holocaust survivor" Rudolf Vrba (nee Walter Rosenberg) was yet again spreading lies about the Germans in a Vancouver newspaper, and finally, Ball explains the reason that so many Germans -- not only Nazi leaders but civilians -- did not know that people were being "exterminated" in concentration camps: it is simply that people weren't being exterminated.

The truth doesn't need lies to support and prop it up, but a lie needs all sorts of lies to cover up its birth and existence. The bigger the lie, the more lies that are needed to keep the original lie going strong and not uncovered.

And what is it with so many Holocaust™ survivors being born with one name, then changing that name? Are they ashamed of their parents or trying to cover up who they really are?

Or all they all actors in the most profitable Holocaust™ Industry, a racket designed to extort billions of dollars from an unsuspecting world and more importantly, to silence any and all criticism about Apartheid Israel?

Tremendous sums of money scammed from banks, governments and people around the world that conveniently disappears into Israeli banks, to never be seen by those Holocaust™ survivors.

Holocaust Hucksters Inc. to Sue Estate of Abraham Lincoln for Holocaust compensation; class-action lawsuit on behalf of 27,553,364 needy Holocaust victims alleges that former president used Jewish slave labor to build his log cabin

Hey, wait a minute! As a child, my mother survived living under Italy's fascist dictator Mussolini, a friend and ally of Nazi Germany.
So doesn't that mean my mother and her children are Holocaust™ survivors and entitled to compensation?

Say, this Holocaust™ reparations racket thing ain't so bad!

I want my reparations money and I WANT IT NOW! After all, your not anti-Dago, are you? 'Cause if you are, I'll sic the ADL on you... the AMERICAN DAGO LOBBY!

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  1. these "holocaustians" are like rats and they are indeed rats. You never see their numbers dwindle, they f^^king never die, hasn't it been over 70+ years for these rats already??!! their lies also grow with them naturally every year.


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