Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Face of ZIONISM...The Face of Deception and Murder

BBC News - Pictures of 26 'agents' sought over Hamas killing


The government in Dubai has issued pictures of 26 "agents" with faked European and Australian passports that it suspects of involvement in the assassination of a top Hamas official last month.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was murdered in his hotel room in Dubai on 20 January.
Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement, accused Israeli agents of killing him. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement. Reports said he was in Dubai to buy weapons for Hamas.

Dubai's police said 12 of the suspects had British passports, six had Irish passports, four had French, three had Australian and one had a German passport.
26 Israeli's to kill ONE Palestinian? No wonder the IOF got its ass kicked when it invaded Lebanon in 2006.

Yes, those glasses work wonder! One can hardly tell who is hiding behind those Fuckhead Grants.

"Hey, Abe Foxman, is this a 'hate' crime?"

If this had happened in the USA, Congress would hold a special session to award some type of medal to these murderers and Obama would go on national TV telling Americans he's proud of that 'special' relationship with Apartheid Israel.

Zionist stooges on FOX and CNN would be singing the praises of the assassins for being so neat and restrained for only killing one and not leveling the entire hotel....... or skyscraper.


  1. Hey GB,.. Does 'Hate Crime' mean one hates 'Crime' or is it a form of unacceptable vilification of criminals?

    It's just that the people that I see squeeling about 'HC' all appear to be hateful criminals. Go figure.



  2. It's the end of the scumbags as we knew them...sing to the tune of the REM's fun!


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