Thursday, February 4, 2010


Texas: Coke-can explosive device, Koran found in street
The person who found it said he is positive it was a grenade inside the can. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit, video from WFAA:

Authorities tell News 8 a suspicious device found in a North Texas neighborhood did contain explosives.

The fire department turned all potential evidence over to the FBI, including a copy of the Koran found in the street not far from the explosive device.

”What we found was a relatively new Koran, looked like it had been fairly recently purchased and unused,” Hughes said.

Investigators don’t know whether the discovery of the Koran is a coincidence. The FBI is now heading the investigation.
Do you really expect those Americans who still have at least two brain cells left and aren’t consumed with wondering which babe the “Bachelor’ is going to pick or if the mulit-millionaires from NO are going to beat the multi-millionaires from Indianapolis really believe this latest Zionist false-flag BS?

Shades of 9/11, when those MOSSAD ops pretended to be devout Muslims and made a spectacle of themselves in strip joints, drinking copious amounts of booze and snorting cocaine, oh and BTW, leaving a Koran in the tittie bar and bragging loudly that they were airline pilots.

Sorry, but we’re on to you false-flag experts from the Apartheid State of Israel.

Tell Israel's CRIME MINISTER, Bennie 'Boom-Boom' Nuttyahoo that it ain't going to work. If you want to get American blood boiling, you'll have to murder at least another 3,000 Americans, like you Zionist pigs did on 9/11.

Americans are sick and tired of seeing their kids come home in a body bag, killed fighting wars for Apartheid Israel.

And we're sick and tired of seeing our money evaporate, money that MADOFF to Apartheid Israel, stolen by your agents working on Wall Street, the Fed and the US Treasury.





  1. Greg,

    Allah was seen tossing the copy of koran himself as captured at the nearest qwikmart's video cam!

    Americans are busy watching jersy shore this season.

  2. FOX News says it has confirmed that an anonymous source said he saw a man wearing a turban running from the scene shouting "Death to America, Death to Israel!"

    I swear they did! :)

  3. Hi Greg,

    when i first started reading this post i thought it was another one of your satirical pieces that you like to slip in now and again.How wrong can i be...I cant believe anybody could fall for this shit,but then again it is America and they did put the 'cunt' in Scunthorpe.A favourite saying of mine is 'you cant make it up',but apparently the jew news can make anyting up and expect it to be believed no matter how outrageous.
    The mind boggles.

    keep strong Greg



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