Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Isn't Lying Part of the MSM's Job?

“You thought that ‘lying’ was not part of the MSM’s job? Welcome to the real world. Notice anything odd about the last eight years, like proto-fascism or the slaughter of 1.5m Iraqis? No? Oh well, there is always “Hope” and “Change.” Don’t hold your breath.”

Gore Vidal

Lies the MSM told us about Saddam, lies they are telling us about Iran and the really big lies that they used to steal GW Bush into the WH, so the psychotic Dick Cheney could be around to shepherd 9/11.
“Times Cries Eke! Buries Al Gore."

The late Murray Kempton once noted that although the New York Times likes to pose as being above the battle, this position has never stopped the Times, once the battle's fought, from sneaking onto the field and shooting the wounded. November 12, krauthammers at the ready, Times persons swept through the electoral swamps of Florida, shooting those survivors who questioned "President" Bush's alleged plurality.
With Junior and Darth Vader in charge, the PNAC's fantasy of a new Pearl Harbor came true. Which is no surprise, since the NeoCons and Apartheid Israel had been planning that false-flag for years.

Maj. Gen Albert Stubblebine states that the 'official' 911 story was a fraud
Pentagon Calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

"Specifically,"the report reads (pdf) , "we recommend that the Secretary [of Defense] task both the Under Secretaries of Defense for Policy and Intelligence, and the Joint Staff, working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, to create a tiger team to lay out courses of action and a way ahead for establishing a standing strategic surprise/deception entity. Once the initial work has been completed, all parts of the interagency should be brought into this effort."

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told Raw Story the program was intended only to "inform."

Whitman said he stood by an earlier statement in which he averred “the intent and purpose of the [program] is nothing other than an earnest attempt to inform the American public.”
Office of Strategic Deception? Isn't FOX, CNN, the NYT and WaPo doing a good enough job of deceiving the public?


  1. Noam Chomsky is a leader of controlled dissent and a zionist pig.
    Fuck democracy. It is worse than communism. It has nothing to do with "freedom" or survival.

  2. Gnome Chumpsky is all that, but even horseshit can be turned into something useful.


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