Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Israel: A Definition

Israel (iz-ra hell) a renegade country in the Middle East, on the Mediterranean Sea; capital recognized by civilized nations is Tel Aviv. Israel was forcibly cut out of the state of Palestine, from land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians in 1948, by an illegal U.N. mandate that was bought by pouring immense amounts of cash into a corrupt U.N. Assembly.

Since it's illegal founding in 1948, Israel has been constantly warring against its neighbors, and engaging in genocide and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.

A favorite pastime of the ZOF--Zionist Occupation Force--is to shoot Palestinian children in the head and beat up the elderly.

The Israeli's like to proclaim that they are descended from the biblical character Jacob, but are actually descended from a Eastern European tribe of penis worshippers, known as the "Khazars."

Israelis/Khazars have a consuming hatred of others, but have reserved most of that hate for people of Arabic descent, having waged preemptive wars against those people since at least the 7th Century, ce.

The Israelis/Khazars have been infamous throughout history, having been kicked out of numerous nations, mostly for their innate ability to glom onto a nation's money supply, wrecking carnage on that nation thru usurious interest rates and their use of that money to buy out and corrupt politicians.

Recent examples of the Israelis/Khazars devastating a country into ruin have been Germany, in the 1940's and Russia, in the 1920's.

Due to their paranoia, greed, arrogance and hostility, which most geneticists believe is a result of inbreeding, the Israelis/Khazars have spent most of their time and wealth developing weapons of mass destruction, like nuclear bombs and chemical and biological weapons, to be used as they see fit, since the Khazars/Israeli's are very reluctant to join any treaties that prohibit these type of WMD's.

The Israelis/Khazars are notorious for getting one nation to fight another, thru their masterful use of the "False-flag," which they have refined to perfection.
The most well known "False-flag" used by the Khazars was the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, which gave the Israelis/Khazars the utlimate battle they had desired; Christians versus Moslems.

Israel's chief exports are illegal drugs, like Ecstasy, and copies of military weapons that have have stolen from other nations. What money they need is either extorted from other nations, in the bizarre shakedown racket known as Holocaust™ reparations, or stolen outright from a nation's treasury, like the trillions of dollars that was stolen from Americans 401k retirement accounts and their pension funds. So much was stolen by the Khazars that the practice has become known as the "Madoff" plan.

Israel/Khazaristan likes to proclaim it is a democracy, but has no constitution. And it forbids marriage between Jews and non-Jews. Land ownership is for those of Khazarian descent only, akin to the racist and apartheid Confederate States of America back in the later part of the 19th Century and the racist and apartheid former South Africa back in the latter part of the 20th Century.


  1. Hey GB,.. what can I say that you haven't: FUCKING MASTERFUL!

    Let's hijack fifteen jumbos and crash them into Dimona! Without the Nuke threat these fucking yids are just yids again - so endeth KAOS Headquarters!

    FUCK YIDS fuck'em with bombs or White-Phoss or whatever comes to hand!

    No justice No Peace!

    I hate these fucking Khazars and want them dead! NOW!

    Sorry; your piece caused steam to come out of my already toasted ears.



  2. Dimona already has cracks in the containment dome, so it wouldn't take much to make that nuclear weapon site to go POOF.

  3. Hey GB,.. I felt fifteen Jumbos might be overkill, as you made no protest - then fuck it; 15 it is; and we aim for the cracks!

    You can be Gold Leader and I'll be Maverick or frootloop, no matter, we'll use Qantas planes because they have/had the best service records!

    We should syncronise our watches and rendevous over the Knesset, because if there's a fuck up we can always kamikaze those cunts!


    Your code name will be Ice 9 and mine will be Billy Pilgrim!




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