Friday, March 12, 2010

Al Gore's hot air is raising the planet's temps

Personally, from my observations of the climate over the last 50 years, I think man is having an impact on the planet's temps, but I don't buy the wealthy elite's plan to reduce carbon thru their onerous 'Cap and Trade' scheme, which Obama has said will make our electrical bills skyrocket.

"Cap-and-Trade" Energy Tax Will Cost Each American Family Up to $3,100 Per Year

We're being bombarded with dire threats, like this one that says GW might spur earthquakes, volcanoes and make oceans rise

I'd be more concerned about all those billions of tons of oil we've removed from the Earth. That has got to have some kind of impact on the Earth's crust and tectonic plates.

As far as the oceans rising, what about this?

What about the billions of tons of garbage we've dumped into the oceans for centuries and the sunken ships, both during war and peace, and man-made islands we've created in the oceans?

Navy's around the world have been scuttling ships in the oceans for century's and water can't be compressed, so it would increase in volume each time we dumped something into the oceans.

Nations have also used the oceans to dump steel drums filled with toxic waste, again increasing the water's volume.

And what about the aquifers around the world we've emptied out, using the water for drinking, cooking, cleaning etc.? After use, a lot of that went into waste water plants, which recycle the somewhat cleaned water into rivers that flow into the sea.

Anyone checked out what thus has done to sea levels? Or would that spoil Gore's chance at making Big Bucks on the 'Cap and Trade' scheme which will give Wall Street billions in profits, fleece Americans and do NOTHING to reduce carbon.

Reading stories about the vast wealth Gore expect to make off his climate changes schemes isn't going to make for many believers in his GW schemes.

Gore's Dual Role - Advocate and Investor

Watch Al Gore silence environmental journalist Phelim McAleer and have him removed from the conference after McAleer asks a question that contradicts Gore's brainwashing

Matt Taibbi: The Great American Bubble Machine, Goldman Sachs: the new game in town, the next bubble, is in carbon credits.

Until Gore and his ilk start advocating for equipping American homes with solar cells and windmills that generate electricity, count me out as a believer in his schemes.

Maybe it's all leading to this?

While the number of American multimillionaires rose last year, Americans continued to suffer from the recession ... at this rate, the income gap in the United States “will resemble that of Mexico by year 2043."

Now there's a thought that ought to generate some heat, under your collar.

Just think, our kids will be schooled in 'French Fryology' at McDondald's College or get a degree in product stocking from Wal Mart University.

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