Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bachmann Anusitis Strikes Again!

Yes, that dreaded scourge of Americans and a real terror to cheap toilet paper, 'Bachmann Anusitis' is back again!

Someone in Minnesota is getting worried about keeping her cushy job in the US House. So desperate that she's channeling the "Gipper" in the hope that some kind of mass delusion will settle over her district and keep the voters drugged out so they'll vote for more of 'Bachmann Anusitis.'

Yes, it would be tough to lose a part-time job that pays over $174,500 a year in salary and around $1.5 MILLION a year in tax free cash for 'expenses!'

Hang in there, Michele, I'm sure Minnesota will keep your presidential hopes alive! If not, the LOBBY's always there!


Ronald Reagan appears in new version of "Miss me yet?" billboard - Minneapolis

Remember real hope and change? That's the message accompanying a big portrait of former President Ronald Reagan on a billboard along I-94 in Albertville.

Readers will remember that we had some fun with the Bush billboard. Check out that slideshow here, our post about the billboard here, and how a recent poll shows that President Barack Obama remains more popular than Bush here.

Albertville is part of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann's 6th Congressional District.

Bachmann: America ‘cursed’ by God ‘if we reject Israel’

And to finally wake up and realize Israel played a BIG part in the 9/11 false-flag?

Bachmann: I'll Run For President -- If God Calls Me To Do It

Yes Michele, keep listening to those voices in your skull. I bet it's a lively conversation.


  1. Historical revisionism for short memory Americans is alive.

    saw this today:
    Some in U.S. are vocal about missing Bush

    Some comments there remembered the 'good ole days' of Reagan but not all.

    "Hey I understand the Reagan longing here. He was the first president to do so many things:
    First to serve as Governor on a "conservative" platform and increase spending by 112%.
    First Governor to increase personal income taxes by 60%, increase the cigarette tax by 200%, and increase state tax collections by 152%.
    First to have a popularity rating of only 35% after his first two years in office.
    First to have had a shotgun wedding.
    First president to have been divorced.
    First to increase spending by 80% – in only 8 years.
    First to spend more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.
    First to cut taxes by 60% for his rich pals.
    First to have increased the national debt faster than growth of national income.
    First to "almost": triple the national debt.# First to increase the national debt faster than growth of GDP.
    First to double the deficit.
    First to turn America into a debtor nation."

    g-d's will .....

  2. All that and Iran-Contra too? And that phony ass invasion of Grenada, right after the MOSSAD op against our Marines in Lebanon to take people's mind off the murder of 243 Americans.


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