Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I Pledge Allegiance to the Star of David...

and to the Racism, Bigotry, Hate, Theft, Murder and Apartheidism, for which it stands."

Yep, the shit's getting ready to hit the fan. Israel has been shooting up Palestinians, stealing more land, sending troops and tanks into southern Lebanon and now this. All of which never get reported on CNN or FUX or the NYT..and getting ready to tear down the Salman Al-Farsi mosque that's in the Occupied West Bank.

When they finally fight back, then CNN and FUX reports on it as the Palestinians or Lebanese being the aggressors. Israel's got a BIG drinking water shortage and they want an excuse to invade Lebanon, AGAIN and steal that country's River Litani, which is located in southern Lebanon.

By the way, Israeli gunboats entered Lebanese water and fired at Lebanese fishing boats yesterday. Not a single word in the Western or Saudi press.

Wait, there's more! Why should Israel get all shot up, blowing the hell out of Iran when their #1 private Army, Uncle Sucker, is on call 24/7?
Hundreds of powerful US “bunker-buster” bombs are being shipped from California to the British island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for a possible attack on Iran.

The Sunday Herald can reveal that the US government signed a contract in January to transport 10 ammunition containers to the island. According to a cargo manifest from the US navy, this included 387 “Blu” bombs used for blasting hardened or underground structures.
Yep, those Hellfire missiles red glare and the smart bombs bursting in the air ought to distract Americans from their country getting ransacked by Wall Street gangsters and sucked dry by vultures.

And shut up those who got suckered into voting for "Change." When we're fighting and dying for Israel, you'd best STFU or else you're unAmerican and if your one of those, then you're also a vile anti-Semite.

Nothing like CNN and the NYT ginning up a war against one of Israel’s ‘existential’ enemies to take the heat off the Goldstone Report and the Corrie trial.

They’ll whip Americans into a Muzzie hating frenzy so we’ll be cheering the death and destruction when those smart bombs start blowing apart people in Iran and Israel sends in the IOF to invade Lebanon, AGAIN and steal that nation’s River Litani.




And while we're at it, no more American money for that nation of murderers, liars, thieves, bigots, false-flag experts, assassins, racists, con artists and corrupters.

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  1. Not a single word in the Western or Saudi press.

    that's so true. We must bow down to the "chosen" frozen bastards and let 'em walk all over on us & steal our souls blindly! there are other things as well but that will be too graphic.

    every morning whenever i open yahoo and they have to feature a story either jewish symathy inducing or a hollowcrapp related right smack in the middle - i mean EVERY DAY!! I am sure you've noticed this as well.


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