Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"You are "anti-Semitic" if... Part II"

(Since Israel, that 'peace' loving nation, is again on the verge of invading Lebanon or Syria or Gaza or all three and that other 'peace' loving nation, the USA is hell-bent on bombing Iran, it's time to re-post this past blog... and because I found out some other 'inconvenient' facts about Apartheid Israel... like the one about the US Holocaust Museum and WWII Memorial)

you don't believe everything that Alan Dershowitz and Norm Podhoretz write and say.

You wonder why the US Holocaust Museum was built 11 years before the WWII Memorial in DC and why the WWII memorial is maintained by private contributions while the Holocaust Museum gets over 47 million a year in taxpayer money for expenses.

you think that the main impediment to Middle East peace is the fact that Israel has over 300 nuclear weapons

you disagreed with Bush and former Weekly Standard and current NYT writer David Brooks

you think that the Hasidic Jews occupying the West Bank are an out of control bunch of violent psychopaths

you think that a cabal of Zionists helped manufacture and promulgate dodgy intelligence and lies that led the U.S. into invading Iraq

you think that AIPAC has way too much influence over the US Congress and White House

you wonder why, in a nation that has Jews as less than 2% of its population, that they control 80% of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

you believe the Bush White House lied about 9/11 in order to launch a war against countries Israel thought to be "existential" enemies

you think that Israel spies on the U.S. constantly

you think that Israel deliberately killed American peace activist Rachel Corrie and has been lying about her murder

you wonder why Israeli's were at Liberty Park in New Jersey, filming the 9/11 attacks so they could document the event

you question why Israel savagely and brutally attacked the USS Liberty and then tried to lie their way out of their actions

you wonder why the classified intelligence the Israeli spy Pollard stole from us was sold to our #1 enemy at the time, the U.S.S.R

you think that your Representative or Senator travels to Israel on fully paid junkets way too often

you think that in the Summer of 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon in a savage, brutal manner and deliberately targeted civilians

you think that in the Winter of 2008, Israel attacked Gaza in a savage, brutal manner and deliberately targeted civilians

you wonder who was on that Full 747 El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv, hours after the FAA had grounded ALL flights

you think that Abe Foxman and the ADL actually exist to smash any legitimate criticisms of Israel

you wonder why Congress gives Israel billions and billions of our dollars each year, while we don't have sufficient money to repair bridges

you think that Israel is a racist and apartheid state, for Jews and Jews alone

you wonder how the U.N. could create Israel, when it had no statutory authority to do so

you wonder why Israel has threatened to nuke the entire world, using their Sampson option

you have read or listened to Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Willard Hotel speech

you believe that Israel is actually engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Palestinians and has been for decades

you choose to use your own thought processes to investigate matters, since you don't trust CNN and FOX

you think that Israel is building that concrete barrier on prime Palestinian land not for security but to steal both the land and prime water resources from Palestine

you think that Israel will stop at NOTHING, including launching a false-flag attack against the U.S., so we will fight a war against Iran for Israel's sake

you know that the MSM is owned mostly by and dominated by Zionists and Israeli-Firsters

you've read this article, "You’re an Anti-Semite If You’re Against War"

you think that Israel uses the Holocaust™ as a club and a shield to protect it against any legit criticism of Palestinian land theft and murders of the same

you wonder if this so-called financial crisis was manufactured to benefit a handful of Wall Street banks

You think that the MSM is again telling us a pack of lies, this time about Iran, so the USA will bomb that country to keep Israel happy

In short, you are anti-Semitic if you don't agree 100% with anything Israel does and the Zionists say


  1. Blogwalking from Indonesia, looking for new information. How do You do?

  2. Hollocrapp museum(1993) was shoved on our face way before they opened the National Museum of the American Indian(2004)

    why the f_ck it is called US hollowcrapp musuem??

    OMG, I am thinkin like an anti semite!!!

  3. Hey GB,..So, I am an 'anti-shemite' if I criticize 'shemitic' people just because they are of the Tribe of Shem - 'Shemitic'. However, I am not an anti-Shemite if I criticize a gang of thieving lieing child-molesters from khazaria, if however the erroneous term 'anti-semite' refers to the aforementioned gang; my description - then yes, I am an "anti-semite".

    There is no Authority higher than Truth.



  4. These scum aren't semites to begin with.

    I prefer anti-khazar, or just anti-jewish.

  5. Repeat after me......
    As Mr Rockwell stated before his untimely murder....if we are to be the last of the White men who conquered the world, if we are finally to be overwhelmed by a pack of rats let us at least face our death like MEN ! Let us not crawl among the rats begging for mercy pretending to be rats ourselves!!

  6. Unless you always gush with praise for Apartheid Israel, or tell lies to help cover up it multitude of crimes or put Israel before your country, you are anti-Semitic.

    Even then, unless you're a 'Chosen One,' you've got a Star of David shaped target on your back.... and wallet.


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