Monday, April 5, 2010

Belgium Moves Closer to Europe's First Yarmulka Ban; World Jewry in an Uproar

In the clash of cultures between the West and Jewish world, few battles have been more fiercely fought than the one raging in Europe today over the yarmulka. The yarmulka, or skullcap, is the law in Israel under Zionism, and is still worn these days in the more conservative parts of the Middle East, as well as in Europe, raising questions about how far liberal democracies should go in tolerating such dress codes.

Belgium gave an answer Wednesday when parliamentarians backed a draft law that would ban Jews from wearing the yarmulka in public places. The Justice and Home Affairs Committee voted unanimously to endorse the move, which must now be approved by parliament for it to become law. Such a vote is expected by the end of April, which would make Belgium the first European country to implement a ban. Because of the support for the measure among all the main political parties, it is likely to pass.

The draft law would make it illegal to wear 'yid' caps, which would also include banning those side curls seen on Hasidic Jews. Defying the rule could lead to nominal fines of $20 to $35 or possible imprisonment for up to seven days. Proponents say they're targeting the yarmulka not because of its religious symbolism or even because it is widely seen in the West as a sign of Jewish oppression, but rather for safety reasons: they say that people hiding behind Hasidicism represent a security risk. In that light, the law also seeks to target potentially violent demonstrators who corrupt European parliament members, backers say.
World Jewry, led by the portly Abe Foxman of the ADL, are waging a ferocious battle against this ban. "We can not stand by idly and let the world launch another holocaust against the poor, defenseless Jews of the world," said Foxman.

"We started out to get the Muslim headscarf known as the burqua banned in all of Europe and next thing we know, our paid off politicians get all uppity and ban the yarmulka. This is a disgrace and will not stand, " thundered Foxman.

"We will now focus our efforts on our #1 bitch, the USA and get our corrupt lackey's in the Congress to weigh in on this matter and threaten Belgium with the loss of military bases, funding and sweetheart construction contracts in the ME and SW Asia."

The actual story, Belgium Moves Closer to Europe's First Burqa Ban is here. I just substituted the word yarmulka for burqua and Jews for Muslims and changed a few other words.

Zionist xenophobia by the numbers
"In France – where out of 5 million Muslims, 367 wear the niqab (as counted by the domestic intelligence service, no less) – a parliamentary panel has pondered the issue for a year and suggested a ban from schools and hospitals but nowhere else. In Denmark – where out of 100,000 Muslims, there are less than 200 niqabis (as estimated by the ministry of social affairs), the government is still mulling a ban.
In Quebec, less than 25 women are said to wear the niqab – of whom only 10 turned up last year at the Montreal office of the provincial health board out of 118,000 visitors. Yet the obsession with the niqab continues. On the day Jean Charest tabled his anti-niqab bill, Hydro Quebec's $3.2 billion deal to take over NB Power and gain access to the lucrative U.S. market collapsed – with nary a public concern."


  1. Another question is why are the Wyatt Earp hats not banned also?

    You are right things are becoming very absurd. I at first though you were using the name Bacon to demonstrate you were non kosher before it dawned on me that is your name.

  2. Bacon is my real last name, not an attempt at GOY humor.

    Part Italian and part English, me parents were.


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