Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Bin Laden...

We seem to be in a bit of trouble keeping people's minds focused on our 70 year long planned Crusade against the Muslim world and need your assistance.

If you could issue some of your very timely warnings against a couple of countries that are having second thoughts about waging our 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' for decades, it would be most appreciated.

The first is Germany, where Chancellor Merkel seems to be in a bit of trouble keeping Germans interested in fighting never-ending war in Afghanistan. If you could help Angela out--like you did last Fall, when your threats helped keep Merkel's party in power--and broadcast some really nasty ultimatums against Germany, threatening to blow something up in Deutschland, that would probably shut up those Germans who are wondering just what in the hell their country is doing in SW Asia as they see no benefit to seeing their kids come home in caskets.

Another country to pronounce some nasty fatwas against is England, where our Zionist stooge Brown is in a struggle to keep his slippery fingers on the reins of power. Again, if you could disseminate some gruesome threats against the English if they vote Brown's party back into power, we think that would work wonders for keeping 'Brownie' in office.

Last but not least, is your old friend, the "Great Satan" the USA. We feel there are way too many Americans who are finally getting wise to the facts and realize that 9/11 was an inside job pulled off by American traitors and Zionist saboteurs, including us and we can't let that continue!
If you need help in scaring the American sheelple back into their pens, contact your good friend and PR agent, Rita Katz, who will be more than happy to help!


Dick Cheney, Benny Nuttyahoo, Don Rumsfeld and Ehud Barak.

P.S. Just because you've been dead for over eight years shouldn't make a difference, as our excellent recordings studios at MOSSAD HDQ's in Herzliya, Israel, are more than able to take up the slack.

P.S. 2 Don't worry about scaring the hell out of those slacker Dutch, as our associates in their Schiphol airport have a really unpleasant surprise cooked up for those peace mongers.


  1. I know where binny is!! Even though real binny is long dead but his avatar is still functioning. All played by Daniel Pipes, doing a part time job whenever he isn't busy as a full-time mohel.

    Rita Skanky Katz is an amazing makeup artist, don't you think?

  2. Maybe if they used some of that holographic imaging they had planned to project over Baghdad in 'Operation Desert Slaughter, Part II,' used that over the USA showing BL scowling at Americans, they might confuse enough to keep their wars going.


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