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How to make IED's at home, courtesy of IntelCenter's Ben Venzke!

Ben Venzke's IntelCenter, along with Rita KATZ's SITE, are two MOSSAD/CIA fronts that in the past, have always been the 'first' to find nefarious sounding 'al CIA duh' recordings on the Internet before even the world's intelligence agencies have located these Herzliya, Israel productions.

Amazing, isn't it that a handful of people, surfing the 'Net, can discover these video and audio recordings, then be 'gracious' enough to let Rupert Murdoch's vast media empire publish them?

Almost too difficult to believe, isn't it?


Be sure to check the date of the article below--in pdf format-- published by Ben Venzke of IntelCenter; 2002, before the US invasion of Iraq and way before those suspicious IED's starting popping off, killing many an American soldier and marine, further inflaming American hatred for those 'existential' enemies of Israel, the Muslim world.

Ben even depicts drawings of the circuitry and triggers needed to set off these bombs, along with directions for making the explosives using easy to find materials.

Wadda guy!!
Appendix E Improvised Explosive Devices

While terrorists will use conventional weapons, such as rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles to achieve their goals, they also have the ability to assemble and employ a wide variety of lethal improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Explosives are a popular weapon with terrorists and are covered in the al Qaeda training manual. The manual states, “Explosives are believed to be the safest weapon for the Mujahideen. Using explosives allows them to get away from enemy personnel and to avoid being arrested.” It goes on to say that, “In addition, explosives strike the enemy with sheer terror and fright.”

IEDs are a common tool of terror used by non-state actors. These devices have been fabricated in an improvised manner and incorporate highly destructive lethal and dangerous explosives or incendiary chemicals, which are designed to kill or destroy the target. The materials required for these devices are often stolen or misappropriated from military or commercial blasting supplies, or made from fertilizer and other readily available household ingredients.184 IEDs basically include some type of explosive, fuse, detonators and wires, shrapnel and pieces of metal, and a container to pack the explosives and shrapnel.

The most simple of the IEDs used is the one initiated by closing of a battery circuit, similar to turning on a battery operated light. When turning on the switch closes the circuit, electricity flows to the light so it can be illuminated. As shown in Figure E-1, a clothespin- triggering device in this IED replaces the light switch and when it is activated, the electricity flows to the charge, thus detonating the explosive.

Ben N. Venzke and Aimee Ibrahim, Al Qaeda Tactic/Target Brief (Alexandria: IntelCenter/Tempest
Publishing, 2002)

Conventional Terrorist Weapons (New York: United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, 2002), 4; available from; Internet; accessed 12 November 2002.

The IED can be detonated using a number of triggering devices. These can be mechanical, electrical, or remote controlled type devices. For instance, after emplacing the IED, such as in a natural culvert or under a road by digging and then camouflaging the spot, the person waits some distance for the target to arrive. Once the target is within the damage area, the IED is initiated. The damage caused can be phenomenal as even a small amount of explosive can cause an explosion that dislodges a vehicle up to 50 feet in the air, or damage a bridge totally. This same scenario can be applied to a passenger train. More sophisticated assemblies of IEDs can be even more devastating and cause much damage.

Explosive Charges

Although terrorists use manufactured explosive material, it is easy for them to obtain the ingredients required to make improvised explosive material as well. The ingredients can be purchased at local stores with relative ease. Additionally, the instructions for making these type explosives have been published in a wide variety of literature, such as The Anarchists Cookbook, for years. They are also available on the Internet. One such site has the recipes to make 27 different low and high order explosives and another site gives instructions for both producing explosives and making the bombs. The following are examples of common types of explosive charges found in IEDs.

• Improvised explosive mixtures: Although there are recipes to make virtually any explosive, the following are some common improvised ones that are used.

- Ammonium nitrate fertilizer

William Powell, The Anarchist Cookbook (Secaucus, NJ: Lyle Stuart, Inc., 1971)

Improvised Explosives; available from; Internet; accessed 11 December 2002.

Improvised Explosives, vol. I, version 2.0 (15 May 1990); available from; Internet; accessed 11 December 2002.

- Black powder
- Gasoline
- Match heads
- Smokeless powder
- Sodium Chlorate and sugar

• Chemical reactions:
- Acid bombs, such as nitric and sulfuric acid
- Caustic bombs, such as Drano toilet bowl cleaner
- Dry ice

• Plastic Explosives: This has become the explosive of choice for various international terrorist groups. There are 2 main types used by terrorists:
- C-4: a white, RDX based explosive produced by the United States. This is the common plastic explosive used by the U.S. military.
- SEMTEX: an orange, RDX and PETN based explosive produced in the Czech Republic. Intelligence experts estimated the bomb that destroyed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 contained about two-thirds of a pound of

Common Trigger Devices

As mentioned earlier, some form of trigger is used to detonate the explosive device. These range from very simple homemade devices to highly technical devices. Although not all- inclusive, some examples are listed below.

Manual wind-up alarm clocks and wristwatches. Delay can be up to 24 hours.

Pressure release switch that is spring-loaded. These can be as simple as a mousetrap or a commercially produced switch.

Pull switches that actuate when a trip wire is pulled. There are many different forms of these triggers. They can be made easily by stripping the insulation off of wire and looping them together or by inserting a piece of wood between the contact wires on a clothespin.....
IED's responsible for 63% of American casualties in Iraq. Take a BOW, Mr. VENZKE!

I'm all for freedom of the press, but was it really necessary to go into such detail on how to make these damn things?

That's my question and I bet several thousand more family members of the dead American troops killed in Iraq by these things have similar questions.

Like who was Ben's target audience?


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  3. IEDs, SchmIEDs....

    The "Anarchist's Cookbook" was being posted to bulletin boards in the 1980s, (ie. pre internet or www).

    I know because I tried to get Australian politicians interested in the fact. Simply, they were incompetent to even perceive its potential. We wear a self inflicted wound, or dead and wounds? We elected the drones to govern us, and we failed in our selection.

    By 2001, the cat was well out of the bag, and the Anarchist's Cookbook had become an appendix to the Koran, the rest is history...

    Ex Combat Engineer and Explosive Detection Dog Handler/Trainer...

  4. By 2001, the cat was well out of the bag, and the Anarchist's Cookbook had become an appendix to the Koran

    And the 'Christian' nations thump their bibles wildly while flying 20,000 feet above the fray and dropping their bombs from safety.

    During the Cold War, it was "Kill a Commie for Christ."

    Today, it's "Kill a Raghead for Christ."

    Christianity is such a kind and loving religion, why just look at Rev. John Hagee.

    While Muslims and Christians battle to the death, mostly due to some false-flags, another group of religious zealots sits in the shadows, smiling and biding their time.

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  10. Well making methamphetamine is an alright hobby. If'n ya ain't got a job,recon is about the same recipe fir a backpack bomb.

  11. I have made several for entertainment, made from conventional fireworks, and scaffolding poles, chop the scaffold into 8 inch pieces, fill with flash powder and then weld the ends, leaving a small drilled hole for the fuse from a large rocket, giving about 12 seconds to run the result is devastating and pieces of metal embedded in tree's 80 metres away, the bang can be heard a mile away as I always explode in a safe area that is my friends property all we are doing is having some fun, but in the wrong hands could be disastrous, we have also made blank 8mm weapons into 7mm firing ball bearings at 2100 FPS, and a sniper rifle .177 more powerful, by using heavy duty custom made seals which we now get 2300 FPS and can use bearings that go through quarter inch steel plate and one inch plywood, fun at the farm, everyone is welcome.


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