Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Get your bid in now for this fine quality KRAUTHAMMER that is being put on the market by FOX.

This KRAUTHAMMER works well to smack the hell out of those seeking 9/11 truth, Arabs, Muslims, Persians, progressive types and those showing the slightest bit of empathy for their fellow human beings.

Although this KRAUTHAMMER has been used relentlessly in the past to pound into oblivion anyone who dare have original and intelligent thoughts, it still has many years left in the REICH hands.

The opening bid for this KRAUTHAMMER will be 37 cents. Do I have any bidders?

Charles Krauthammer Totally Looks Like Sam Eagle
"Sold to Mr. Lou Cypher for 37 cents!"


  1. Give you 25 cents and you can be eternally grateful for my taking him off your hands. Mother Therese left a big hole to be filled in India and that is where I would send him.

  2. There's several choice openings for the Krautman.

    I'd even help pay for his one-way ticket.

  3. When the forces of raunch and decay are on the march, Krauthammer will soon be found not far behind along with his traveling band of Bill Kristol, Bill O"Really and assorted retired military mess hall cooks.

  4. ZioNazis in Whiteface:



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