Friday, April 23, 2010

"Rods from God" Soon to be Zapping You?

Between UAV's flying over our national forests, cities, 'protecting' our borders and the X-37B zooming soon over your backyard, just who in the hell are the feds worried about?

Guerilla marijuana farmers seeking to make a few bucks to ward off the bank's foreclosure goons?

Or is the X-37B an offensive weapon that will be used to deliver 'Rods from God' anywhere in the world, in less than one hour, to terrorize and blast into oblivion those who oppose our 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

They would be especially deadly against hardened underground targets.... Like anything in Iran.
The X-37B: Orbital Bomber or Orbital Test Vehicle?

Little is known regarding the secret vehicle’s purpose or its abilities, although it is reportedly capable of remaining in orbit for as long as 270 days (around nine months), which is a far cry from the usual two-week missions NASA’s space shuttle crews are accustomed to.

When quizzed as to the space plane’s ultimate purpose, the Air Force has insisted the vehicle will provide a simple way to quickly test new technologies ahead of their installation in such delicate hardware as orbital satellites.
However, some analysts – such as director John Pike – believe the X-37B could be used to carry out military missions and that the robotic space plane would not be within the defense budget if it wasn’t meant to serve a military purpose.

How can the USA pretend to work for nuclear disarmament when we spend so much time and effort developing futuristic weapons to replace nukes?


  1. Hey GB,.. .22 cal is a pop-gun, however that much sluggage at that rate - IS firepower! How intimidating would all that shit be?!



  2. Hey GB,.. must qualify my comment; I had a rummage through the thumbnails after watching the Nuke video (great vid) and came across a vid of .22 Cal variant of the M16(an old pig that used to annoy me years ago)and saw this flic which shows off a one million round a minute! Drum-fed machune-gun,whoa Nelly! We should drop a few thousand of those into the Palestine and see some yid bunnies a-hoppin'. The thing is, that weapons with a massive rate of fire have a tendancy to tear way at a target like pirahna on a carcass. I can think of no better target than a child murdering yid with his hair-curls dangling from under his helmet! Free Free Palestine!
    Sorry, brother I am little tense today, ANZAC Day here in Oz and I can't abide the MSM and it's call to 'Celebrate' with drunken pop festivals and Rock-shows this austere occasion - quiet rememberance in a dignified and respectful manner, was how we revered the fallen when I was a soldier. Fuck the Yid Media and fuck the abomination of Yidsrahell!

    I am a patriot twenty-four seven 3-65! Not when the MSM wishes to turn a buck and grandstand their political mates.

    Deus Vult!



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