Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin to release her book, "My Struggle"

Yellow Snow, Alaska--Former Alaskan governor and potential 2012 Republican presidential Sarah Palin has inked a deal with Zionist Publishing to distribute her book detailing Sarah's battles to become the Alaskan governor, then the first women president.

The book will be entitled, "My Struggle," and will go into detail about Sarah's difficulties in breaking thru an artificial glass barrier to achieve her glorious moments.

The Zionist Publishing press release stated that the book would pull no punches, giving her legion of fans inside stories, like Sarah's revulsion on the 2008 campaign trail of having to change the loaded diapers of her former running partner, Senator John McCain, to describing her moments of greatest joy, like the thrill she experiences machine-gunning reindeer and bears from a helicopter.

Zionist Publishing's owner, Benny Nuttyyahoo, said he'd read drafts of some of the chapters of "My Struggle," and proclaimed it to be the most significant piece of yellow journalism since Elie Weasel's "Night."

Zionist Publishing said it would release the book in many languages, including German, where the title would read "Mein Kampf."



  1. Hey GB,.. LMFAO: Reviewers of this seminal tome in Australia have drawn parallels with Menachem Begins' epic autobiography "Goy Kids on a Spit".



  2. I admire her tenacity. Not everyone would write an autobiography in crayon. I can’t wait to get the pop-up version.



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