Sunday, April 11, 2010

'Self-Hating Jews' or Zionist Saboteurs?

There is a long and sordid history of Jews using deceit to accomplish Zionist goals, from the biblical "Book of Esther," in which the heroine Esther uses her sexuality to con the King of Persia into the slaughter of 75,000 'existential' enemies of Zionism, to the money changers bribing Judas Iscariot to betray the one that had kicked them and their banks out of the temples, to today, when we have 'Kosher Kommandos' trying to pose as Nazis or militia types.

Have "We the People" been declared to be 'existential' enemies of Zionism because some want to toss overboard the Rothschild nightmare known as the Federal Reserve and others want to stop the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

Or is all of this a ploy to make null and void the precious 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights?

MIDDLEFIELD, Ohio - In the heart of Amish country, Brandon Drabek hatched a plan less than a year ago. Drabek wanted the militia he had joined three years ago, the Geauga County Home Guard, to train on twenty acres of land in his backyard, near Swine Creek.

Brandon Drabek, 25 years old and a father of two, is tall and large, a commanding figure who said he's comfortable with big weapons. His favorite, he said, is an SKS, a military assault weapon used in armies around the world.

While Drabek appears every bit as familiar with the walk and talk of the militia, he isn't what most people picture when it comes to a members. As a matter of fact, the Mezuzah on the door is a giveaway. Drabek is a conservative Jew.

Now, Drabek says he believes unorganized militia, like the one he belonged to, represent a liability, rather than an enhancement to freedom.

"It's a liablility if you have citizens, organized citizens, with firearms,” Drabek said, adding, "that's a liability upon the sheriff."
What's a 'mezukah?' A parchment inscribed with religious texts and attached in a case to the doorpost of a Jewish house as a sign of faith.

Active 'Patriot' Groups in the United States in 2009 according to the SPLC

So being a 'Patriot,' according to the Jewish led and run SPLC is a bad thing?

Not as long as the paramilitary group you belong to is run by Jews training with assault rifles and automatic weapons in New York state:

New York – Israeli IDF Vets Train NY Jewish Paramilitaries In Catskills

Let's look back at some other Kosher hoaxes:

The ADL financing the American Nazi Party and offshoots in the 1930's and beyond.

Who'd ever thought that the Jewish financed, run and led ADL would be so chummy with their avowed enemies, the Nazis?

The 1999 American Nazi Party: Run by a monster called Wolfgang Hawke-- whose birth name is Andrew Brita Greenbaum. And was friends with the Columbine Killers, Klebold and Harris. This Fuhrer was indicted for selling Penis enlargement pills on the internet and slammed in an AOL lawsuit for his spamming operations. Rumored to be hiding in S. America or Israel.

And one more, this one with a deviant twist.

Frank Collins, a ringleader of the American Nazi Party in the 1970's, is discovered to be a Jew named Cohen. Cohen was eventually sent to prison for sodomizing and raping young boys. Served only THREE years out of a 7 year sentence.

Hutaree Militia Is An Israeli Mossad Zionist Group - True Sons Of Liberty Exposed Them In 2007/08

What's all this mean? From the murder of JFK, to the murder of his brother RFK, to the savage attack against the USS Liberty, to the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon, to the Wall Street looting to 9/11, there is one common factor, ISRAEL.

Before the Internet, Apartheid Israel could count on its MSM control and its sayanim--Jews living in the USA who are recruited by their relatives living in Israel and run by the MOSSAD--to help deceive Americans into thinking Israel was our only friend and ally in the Middle East.

But the Internet has opened many an eye to the backstabbing tricks of Zionism and the numerous crimes committed by zealot Jews and their Zionist helpers against the USA.

And the one thing that scares Zionists is a well-informed and a well armed citizenry.


  1. Hey GB,.. on the money again. Keep your powder dry brother and watch your arcs!


    A Temple Knight.

  2. Thanks, Veritas.

    One of these days I'll either get the bug out of my computer that will then allow me to comment on pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist blogs..

    Or maybe I'll have to buy a new one?

  3. Lots of Deep Cover Zionists around!

    The truth came out about the Bronfmans' CJC(Canadian Jewish Congress - the same group that kicked out 9/11 truther MP Leslie Hughes) funding the Canadian Nazi Party:

    Here the truth came out about the Bronfmans' CJC(Canadian Jewish Congress) funding the Canadian Nazi Party:




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