Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Muslims Who Are Looting the USA From Within

Just look at this list of al Qaeda types who are sucking the life out of the USA from their perch in Goldman Sachs!

There's Lloyd BLANKFEIN, Chairman and CEO. And Gary COHN, the COO and President. David VINIAR, CFO and Executive VP. John WEINBERG, Vice-Chairman. Alan COHEN, Executive Head of Global Compliance.

Some of GS's 'notable' alumni are former Treasury Secretary and current Obama financial advisor Robert RUBIN. Robert ZOELLICK, former deputy Secretary of State and current World Bank president. Jim CRAMER, BS artist extraordinaire and host of "Mad Money."

Yes, it's these kind of Muslims who are devoutly stealing America blind, looting our wealth from within, bringing this country to its knees.

Crime does pay

Put the fix in at your Wall Street Casino, selling worthless MBS and CDO's, then place bets that those instruments will fail, which is a good bet, since you know they're junk to begin with and walk away with trillions.

Have the SEC stage a Stalin like show trial and maybe, maybe get fined a 100 million or so.

Steal several trillion and get fined a 100 million? Not bad for a few months worth of work.

It's these kind of Muslims that are destroying our nation from within, not some 'al CIA duh' clowns run by the CIA and the MOSSAD. These jihadists have declared financial war against the USA and are winning, aided and abetted by their stooges in our corrupted Congress and their shills running for the presidency.

Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill

How much bribe money does it take to transfer $700 Billion taxpayer dollars to Wall Street's elite?


Obama, Barack (D-IL) $691,930

Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) $468,200

Romney, Mitt (R) $229,675

McCain, John (R-AZ) $208,395

Himes, Jim (D-CT) $114,748

Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) $111,750

Dodd, Christopher J (D-CT) $105,400

Edwards, John (D) $66,450

Specter, Arlen (R-PA) $47,600

Emanuel, Rahm (D-IL) $32,950

Reed, Jack (D-RI) $30,100

That's the 'official' list of campaign contributions. It's anyone's guess how much they received under the table.

Hey FOX and CNN, this is some REAL news, so do you think you can stop the 24/7 babbling about non-existent Iranian nukes and do some REAL reporting?
UBS Whistleblower who helped the IRS find trillions in offshore accounts, sent to prison

What Mr. Birkenfeld has was information that the United States bank facilitated the work of the international bankers. They let the bankers come in and use their offices, use their express accounts, use their corporate discounts. They got tickets for major charity events, where very wealthy people would attend, and then UBS America would give these tickets to the international bankers to come and meet with wealthy people to set up illegal accounts. UBS America essentially facilitated and directly gave monetary support to the work of the international bankers. It was part of a conspiracy, in the sense that the two entities worked together.

Nineteen thousand American millionaires and billionaires had these offshore accounts. You had to be very wealthy to set one of these up. The government created an amnesty program, so if you voluntarily turned yourself in, you escaped any prosecution and even public exposure. No one would even know who you were.

The problem with these secret accounts is a lot worse than just US taxpayers losing money. These accounts are used by corrupt politicians to put their bribe money.
Goldman Sachs' CEO, wearing his favorite piece of jewelry, the Star of David, makes a rare daytime appearance


Seeing thru all of this and realizing that the MOSSAD/CIA false-flag of 9/11; the phony ass War of Terror we've unleashed against the Muslim world and the looting of our wealth is all connected is not being anti-Semitic or paranoid....

It's called thinking for oneself and not regurgitating FOX or CNN talking points.


  1. "The Americans are (now known as) a sordid, greedy, cruel people. Why? Because Jewish money-power is centered here."

    -- Henry Ford, Sr Author of 'The International Jew '

  2. They really DO hate us for our freedom.

  3. They really DO hate us for our freedom

    Especially the freedom to think for ourselves.

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  5. The pic of Bela made me laugh Greg. I am for anything that will make me laugh these days.

    I ran into one you might enjoy the other day, Michael Tsarion's message to the dead. The weapons of mass destruction have been found. The guy would make a pretty good psychiatrist.

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  7. If i remember correctly, that pic was taken back in 1666 as Count Sachula was about to descend into the dungeon of criminal vegetable Ariel "Beelzebub" Sharon's castle in Khazaria.


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