Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Benny and the Nuttyahoos" 2010 Middle East Tour Dates

Tel Aviv--Moloch Enterprises announced today the official 2010 tour dates for the world's most dangerous Rock N' Roll band, Benny and the Nuttyahoos. Tour manager Rabbi Ted Bundy said the band was really pumped about this tour, as it promises to be the most explosive show the band has ever staged!

The band's lead singer, 'Bibi,' said he was looking forward to again taking their incendiary act to Damascus, the West Bank, south Lebanon, Beirut, the Gaza Strip and hinted that they might do a few surprise dates in Iran, touring with one of their favorite heavy metal groups, "Pentagon."

"Benny and the Nuttyahoos will again use their favorite roadies, the always reliable Christian Zionist gang to do all the heavy lifting and setup," said 'Izzy.'
"We really couldn't be where we are at without those beasts of burden," he added, with a very mischievous grin on his face.

Caroline Glick, the band's PR agent and self-professed bigggest fan, told this interviewer she'd slept with all of the members and was getting ready for this grueling tour by exercising her jaw muscles on a cucumber.
The band's favorite groupie, Hillary Clinton, will not be with the band on this tour, as she is recuperating in a Swiss hospital from a nasty bout of syphilis and was recovering from the surgical removal of canker sores on her tongues she acquired from the last tour. We wish her a speedy return!

The band's current lineup is:

'Bibi,' vocals and submachine guns.

'Avi the Lieb,' electric guitar and flame throwers

'Izzy' Foxman, keyboards and assault rifles

'Dany Pipes,' mouth organ and bio-chemical weapons

'Shimon,' acoustic guitar and grenade launchers

And on drums, 'Ehud the Rak'. Ehud said he was going to drop the 'big one' at one of their shows, hinting that the lucky city would be Tehran.

'Bibi' said they might do a surprise date in the States, but said details, like which American city would be the lucky one was still being worked out and was being kept secret. He promised that the city chosen by the 'Chosen' would be positively glowing afterwards!

Benny and the Nuttyahoos 2008 Concert at the Gaza Open Air Coliseum



  1. Price of tour= innocent lives

  2. Greg,

    It appears I misread some things here and made a claim that you were anti-Semite (as opposed to anti-Zionist).

    This was after featuring a post of yours (showing that, at least, I think you are accurate) and receiving a few comments and emails in discussion to that point.

    Anyway, I want to offer my apologies for the remark and tell you that I think your work is necessary and enlightening.


  3. It appears I misread some things here and made a claim that you were anti-Semite (as opposed to anti-Zionist

    I'm not anti-SHEMPITIC! Although I liked Curly's antics of the 3 Stooges better, Shemp held his own. :)


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