Friday, May 28, 2010

BP Thugs Threaten Gulf Coast Clean Up Workers

From "Democracy Now" interview with the president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association

AMY GOODMAN: What about respirators? Are people wearing respirators?

CLINT GUIDRY: No, ma’am. Having had prior experience, I know these people. They’re friends. They’re family. I bought respirators, and I brought them down to these people. And when they tried to wear them, the BP representatives on site told them that it wasn’t a dangerous situation, and they didn’t need to wear them, and if they did, they would be taken off the job.

AMY GOODMAN: If they wore respirators, they’d be taken off the job?



CLINT GUIDRY: Because BP lies, and BP protects BP. And that is the biggest problem we have in the south of Louisiana right now, is BP, with its big oil big money, is buying up all the cover—and when I say "cover" I mean camouflage—that they can to try to make a little of the situation, not only environmentally, but health-wise. This is ridiculous.

AMY GOODMAN: But how does wearing respirators threaten BP? How do the workers, the cleanup crews, wearing respirators, how does that threaten BP?

CLINT GUIDRY: If you would do your research, the same situation occurred with Exxon Valdez over twenty years ago. It is a question of liability. The minute BP declares that there is a respiratory danger on the situation is the day that they let the door open for liability suits down the line. If they could have gotten away with covering this up, like they did in Alaska Valdez situation, like Exxon, they would not have to pay a penny for any kind of health-related claims.....

JUAN GONZALEZ: You mentioned earlier the dispersant. There are some critics who say that the long-term impact of the dispersant could be even greater than the actual oil spill itself, in terms of marine life. Your sense of what the dispersant is doing in terms of the potential for destruction of the fisheries in that area?

CLINT GUIDRY: The trade-off position is a false one, because eventually this dispersant is going to cause whole species to collapse. This is going to be, you know, a collapse of some of the shrimp species, the fish, the turtles, tuna. I mean, this is unbelievable that we did this. You just added poison on top of a bad situation.

The Ocean Futures Expedition Team discovered this massive oil slick just 24 miles off the coast of Louisiana. The oil stretched as far as the eye could see and down to about 15 to 25 feet deep. Amongst the muck swims a Man o' War and a small fish that swims alongside for protection. The team is encountering many floating globs of rust colored oil; dark black fresh crude; and oily surfaces as they explore the coast.

It takes a pretty sleazy bunch of bastards to tell the brave souls cleaning up BP's massive mess to NOT wear respirators or they'd be fired from the clean up crew, but that's what the multi-national gang of pirates and eco-terrorists BP is, an out of control mob of money-grubbing gangsters who will escape virtually unharmed from this episode with the American taxpayer picking up a huge portion of the clean up costs.
BP wants Houston judge with intimate oil ties to hear spill cases

That judge, U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, has traveled the world giving lectures on ethics for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, a professional association and research group that works with BP and other oil companies. The organization pays his travel expenses.

Hughes has also collected royalties from several energy companies, including ConocoPhillips and Devon Energy, from investments in mineral rights, his financial disclosure forms show.
There, feel better now about the Gulf tragedy? BP's 'forum shopping' for a very friendly judge will surely mean that justice is served, right?
Dispersant used in the Gulf, COREXIT is banned in BP's home nation, England.

There is only one safe way to take the crude oil from the surface of the ocean. Vacuum suction it out of the water's surface. In 1993, there was a massive oil spill near Saudi Arabia. They vacuumed the oil out.

How come we're not trying it?

The massive oil spill kept under wraps for close to two decades and first reported by Esquire, dumped nearly 800 million gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf, which would make it more than 70 times the size of the Exxon Valdez spill.

Saudi Aramco employed a fleet of empty supertankers to suck crude off the water's surface. The suction method was able to clean up the spill and salvage 85 percent of the oil.
Wanna find out what kind of toxic brew is in COREXIT? Tough shit, as the royal assholes running BP have declared us peons aren't allowed to know.

COREXIT is being used to make the oil form into globules and sink below the surface of the Gulf so we don't see 1,000 mile long oil slicks and to hell with people, fish and the fragile Gulf waters.

Can you say "Goodbye, Gulf Coast?" Because it's being murdered as we speak.

MEMO to President Sotero: Saw your WH press conference where you talked tough and acted tough about what YOU were going to do about this catastrophe in the Gulf. I could tell you had brushed up on your NeuroLinguistic speaking skills, but way too late BARRY, as a lot of the American public have discovered you're just another hand picked clownish oaf like GW Bush that the wealthy elite thought could fool us for another eight years, but it ain't gonna happen.

BTW, do you plan on returning to the University of Chicago in January of 2013?


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  2. I think, BP is designed to be the fall guy while this is keeping us busy, secret snarly deals are taking place behind our back. No worries ... some other chosen tribe group/corp. will replace BP eventually. Nope, neither they care about the fate of the people nor the environment. Shittier the better 'cause you'll be desperate to be their slave - that type of logic they follow.

    as a lot of the American public have discovered you're just another hand picked clownish oaf like GW Bush that the wealthy elite thought could fool us for another eight years, but it ain't gonna happen.

    So true,Greg. The same blood thirsty supremacist gang can't resist as they are eternally thirsty for fresh kills. This obomba cool aid is 'bout to turn into bloodshake:

    Report: US weighs military option in Pakistan

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. military is developing plans for a unilateral attack on the Pakistani Taliban in the event of a successful terrorist strike in the United States that can be traced to them, The Washington Post reports.
    Planning for a retaliatory attack was spurred by ties between alleged Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad and elements of the Pakistani Taliban, the Post said in an article posted on its website Friday night, quoting unidentified senior military officials.
    The military would focus on air and missile strikes but also could use small teams of U.S. Special Operations troops currently along the border with Afghanistan, the Post said.

  3. I don't know which terrorist state is crazier Musique, Israel or its bitch.


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