Saturday, May 15, 2010

'Chosen One' Smackdown! One Zionist Jew Israeli-Firster v. an Israeli-Firster Jewish Zionist!

And that's what ones sees frequently, either on the 'Net, Cable News or TV---TalmudVision.

On the US House floor the other day, we were treated to the spectacle of Zionist Jew Israeli-Firster Rep. Steny Hoyer (D), putting on a show that HE was the most dedicated public servant to Americans and was worried about the level of US debt... debt partially incurred due to Zionist deceits and treacheries that lied Americans into Iraq.

Mountains of debt chucked on our collective backs thanks to the wholesale looting of Wall Street by Israeli agents like 'Bernie' Madoff who MADOFF with a cool 100 billion or so... Was 'Bernie' the only Israeli agent plundering Wall Street pension funds and 401K retirement accounts?

Most likely, NO.

People had been warning the SEC, FBI and that 'paper of record,' the NYT about Madoff's larcenous activities for at least nine years and no one dare stop 'Bernie' from 'liberating' that money from American pockets to Apartheid Israel.

Stolen money that was then reimbursed to the Wall Street Banksters by their thieving cousins at the Fed and turned over to "We the People" as debt.

And more debt piled on our broken backs by that hyper-criminal organization and world's largest counterfeiter, the Federal Reserve. The same Fed run by a certain group of people who seem to flock to other people's money like buzzards to road kill and demand the utmost secrecy when asked questions about where OUR money is at and who's carting off trillions to offshore banking accounts.

Don't even ask for an audit of the Fed, it won't happen. "Trust us" is their mantra and if you think we're getting royally screwed, you're correct.

Steny was going toe to toe with Israeli-Firster Jewish Zionist Rep. Eric Cantor (R)--the next Speaker of the House--who was also concerned about this tsunami of debt destroying our country and he too was pretending to be more patriotic than Steny.

What solutions did these two 'Chosen Ones' offer?

Wind down the illegal and immoral wars against Iraq and Afghanistan?


Set up a special prosecutor to look into the myriad of crimes committed by Wall Street gangsters against "We the People" to investigate, indict, prosecute, convict and jail the rapacious thieves so we can 'claw back' those trillions?


Did they say anything about reining in the Fed, to force that motley collection of Armani wearing thieves to be held accountable for what they are doing with OUR money and put them on a yearly, no holds barred audit?


Did either say that since the USA's economy is circling the toilet and Israel's doing fine, that maybe those monthly welfare checks American taxpayers send to Ziostan could be stopped? Or maybe, instead of getting billions and billions of free weaponry each year, again courtesy of the American taxpayer, maybe that sugar could be cut and the money used to help homeless and out of work Americans... Or maybe just stop 'loaning' Israel billions of dollars each year, 'loans' which never get repaid and are turned into grants, more moocher money for our 'ally.'
Maybe 'Steny' or Eric could man up and say that since Israel's economy is going great guns the USA's is collapsing, Israel would wean itself off the welfare teat for now and let Americans keep their money, right?


What's these two 'patriotic' Americans solution to the REAL causes of why we are broke and our economy is sliding off a cliff?

Slash Social Security, gut Medicare and eviscerate Medicaid.

Oh and BTW, they were both drooling over the thought of tricking the USA into fighting another war for Israel, against Iran and were pushing mightily for the next batch of sanctions against a country that is NO threat to the USA, but one those religious zealots and bigots running Apartheid Israel doesn't like.
These sanctions have been mostly crafted by AIPAC and Israel's Likud Party and are basically an act of war against Iran. We can't afford another war, not with our kids already coming home in body bags, killed fighting for 'Wall Street and Israel,' our economy in shambles, due to all the war mongering and the Bill of Rights being tossed in the shredder, to protect us against those who "hate our freedoms."

Any more of this type of 'patriotism' and we'll all be living in carboard boxes, fighting over dumpster scraps and burying more of our kids killed fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

It's time to say "ENOUGH!"





  1. Once again you have dared to speak the dirty, honest, truth in a manner that always gives me smile, depite the actual horror of what is taking place, thanks to your spot-on sarcasm & fine wit.

    I'm truly thankful there's at least a few people still around who care enough to see what is going on and brave enough to speak of it.




  2. Thanks for the kind comments.

    We just have to keep on trying, pushing back and fighting the beast.

  3. Hey GB,.. Way to go. As usual.




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