Monday, May 17, 2010

The End of the World as We Know it?

The ruptured pipe spewing oil into the Gulf is 20" in diameter. To give you a sense of proportion, a 'Big Line' that connects a hydrant to a fire truck can pump up to 1,500 gallons a MINUTE.... and it's only 4 INCHES in diameter.
Yes, that water is under pressure from the city's water towers and pump stations, but the Deepwater Horizon field is also under pressure, as this video shows:

So if that broken 20" pipe is blasting out say, 1,000 gallons per minute, times 60, times 24, that's about 1.4 MILLION GALLONS of oil per day being pumped into the Gulf.

And if it's blasting out 5 times that amount, for the last 26 days well, you do the math.

Is this the end of the world predicted by the Mayans to happen in December 2012?

If so, that will really bum out the bankster gangsters who are not thru looting the world of all its wealth.

Too bad, really. This was starting to get interesting.

Wonder how long it will be before they 'find' a copy of the Koran on the Gulf floor near the ruptured pipe or the dead man, Bin Laden returns, courtesy of Rita Katz to laugh at America's predicament?

Postscript: Here's a nightmare scenario to ponder:

What if all that blackened, oily gunk that's floating on or near the surface of the Gulf turns that body of water into one giant heat sink, which in turn makes the 'Mother of all Hurricanes' this Summer?

Like Hurricane Ike, but only bigger, that made landfall in Texas, then went on a tear up thru parts of the Midwest, finally exhausting itself in New York state?

The upside could possible be that the hurricane would uplift billions of tons of oil corrupted water and drop that slimy gunk all over the southern, central and eastern United States.

At least a lot of that slop would be out of the Gulf.

And here's what the 'Empire's Papers of Records, the NYT and Wapo, both no strangers to oiling up the MSM, have to say about this disaster:

Even as these findings came out, BP, the US government, and the media have continued to downplay the significance of the spill. There have been a continual series of editorials and news stories published seeking to quiet public outrage over the event. Among the most egregious was a May 3 New York Times analysis titled, “Gulf Oil Spill Is Bad, but How Bad?” The latest effort comes from an article in the Washington Post, which seeks to paint the spill in harmony with nature.

After noting the significant quantities of oil leaked “naturally” into the Gulf of Mexico, the article ends by bizarrely hinting that the oil spill has an upside: coral will grow on the sunken rig. “Less than a mile from the uncapped well, now upside down, is the hulk of the Deepwater Horizon rig. It is now, in effect, an artificial reef, destined to become another garden of the deep.”


Hear that all you dead birds, fishes and other ocean inhabitants?

This spill was done for your benefit!


  1. Hey GB,.. Imagine if that oil on the water was super-heated by HAARP?

    This was not an accident; the yids have Dolphin Class Submarines that are state-of-the-art. My call: The yids did it because their whole agenda is about world domination, always has been, they think their Meshach will return and enslave the entire world. They believe they will then live as kings one and all, reigning over the goyim, no blacks, no asians, no one else, just them and their goy slaves... This is what these luciferian looneys believe; read the talm'ud and the kabb'alah and the zo'ra(a work in progress), it's all there.



  2. Not sure of the details, but this fucker is bad news regardless how it happened.

  3. How’s that for a bloody coincidence Greg. I just posted on the exact same topic. Slightly different numbers (thanks to George Ure) and the number pops out at 18 billion gallons per day.
    Some idiot (obamatron) is reckoning on using a teeny weenie nuke to pinch off the flow. OMG

  4. Don't worry, BP says that 4 in. catheter tube is taking up 1/5 of the blowout and there are more plans in the works.

    Did you see the 60 Minutes feature last night on the BP engineer that survived to tell his side of the story? Interesting but not surprising that he said cost overruns and safety overrides to speed up the process caused the blast.

    Part 1 of 4

  5. Area is proportional to the square of the diameter, so, doing the maths, the flow from a 20" outlet would not be 5 but 25 times that from one of 4" diameter (all else being equal).

  6. Area is proportional to the square of the diameter, so, doing the maths, the flow from a 20" outlet would not be 5 but 25 times that from one of 4" diameter (all else being equal)

    Thanks for the info.

    One thing is for sure, the amount we've been told is spilling out, 5,000 barrels a day, is a damned lie.

  7. Bang on the money Solus. The equation is
    Area = {π/4} x {Diameter(Squared)}

    Also this isn’t just a clean break. The pipe that led to the surface is now bent, twisted and coiled so the oil is leaking from every crack in the pipe - this is the section you can see in the video. That will increase the surface area also. Not a comforting thought

  8. There Are 12 other oil dispersants rated by the EPA as being more effective and less toxic than Corexit which is now being used by BP in the Gulf of Mexico and owned by BP. This is sheer criminal negligence

    Even that has to be about the money and LSU did not recommend dispersant becasue it falls to the ocean floor with the oil and stays there forever. You can never then burn it off or scoop it up. LSU marine biologists said they were left out of the loop. WTF they only have to live in the area.


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