Thursday, May 6, 2010

How America & Israel Celebrates the Jewish Festival of Purim.. by Butchery

Purim is the Jewish festival where they celebrate the Jewess Eshter conning King Ahasuerus into butchering 75,000 'existential' enemies of Judaism.

Sound familiar?

"At the close of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, upwards of 150 thousand Iraqi conscript troops were going back to Iraq while, in effect, under a white flag of surrender. On the 'Highway of Death' occurred the most ghastly war crime in the history of the world. President Bush ordered U.S. military aircraft and ground units to kill these surrendering troops ... from the air and on the ground. U.S. Military bulldozers were ordered by Bush to bury these slaughtered surrendering Iraqi troops, some of them still alive, in mass, unmarked graves in the desert. Years later, one of those so ordered to commit what amounted to war crimes, told me, off the record, with tears in his eyes, his great regrets in retrospect having carried out such an order. Somewhere between 50 to 150 thousand Iraqis thus surrendering were butchered. The American monopoly press, under 'war-time' censorship, was ordered to remove from all pictures any showing of dead Iraqi bodies and to show only blown up tanks, military trucks, and such on the 'Highway of Death'." ["The Overthrow Of The American Republic - Part 30", Most Forbidden Subject - The U.S. Military, By Sherman H. Skolnick.
February 28, 1991, was the Jewish Festival of Purim. This fact means that the slaughter of these fleeing Iraqi soldiers occurred on Purim, 1991.

"Operation Desert Slaughter Part II," or Gulf War II, started on the Jewish Festival of Purim in March 2003 that was dedicated to the Kabbala demoness Shekina----"Shock and Awe"

So far, 'Shekina' has gathered over 1.3 million Iraqi sacrifices. Shekina's bloodlust is never satiated, so now she's looking for more victims to be sacrificed in Iran.

Shekina is the female counter part to their vampiric God and can be read about in the Book of Esther(Ishtar), which is basically a short how to manual on the subversion and subjugation of an indigenous people through the manipulation of their rulers.

Thanks to a comment on Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors.


  1. Good find.

    Thinking about Goldman et al. If the US is at war then surely their acts come under treason laws. Undermining the economy in time of war is an attack on the US



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