Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ve Need More Humans to Experiment On!

Dr. Edward Spencer, 75- years old, is one of the few physicians in the United States that takes Morgellons disease very seriously. Spencer is a Stanford University and Yale University Medical School educated neurologist, who worked for nearly 40 years at Petaluma Valley Hospital in Northern California.

One day several years ago, Dr. Spencer was summoned to meet with the hospital’s Physicians Wellness Committee. Spencer had no idea what the purpose of the meeting was, but thought perhaps they wanted to discuss his recently expressed concerns about swine flu and vaccines in Eastern Europe. Dr. Spencer had been alarmed to learn that the flu vaccine sent to Eastern Europe was reportedly contaminated with lethal bird flu virus. Additionally, Spencer had been an outspoken advocate for Morgellons patients.

Spencer had earlier stated, “[The] CDC and medical establishment have been totally negligent in studying this system of disorders known as Morgellons, and have provided no treatment, support, or comfort at all to patients afflicted.” He further stated, “Morgellons is not a problem of ‘delusions of parasitosis’; it is an unexplained illness which is characterized by skin manifestations including non-healing lesions, itching, and the appearance of fibers. There appears to be a strong association with Lyme disease.”

Once in the meeting, Spencer recalls, “I naively thought that maybe they actually wanted to discuss some of my findings about swine flu”, but was instead shocked to hear that the committee was greatly concerned about his positions on swine flu and Morgellons, and that they wanted him “to agree to undergo psychiatric evaluation because they felt me to be a possible danger to my patients.” Said Spencer, who had been associated with the hospital for nearly 40-years, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was in a state of near shock, sitting there with all my files on swine flu thinking they were actually interested in my findings.”

Source: Voltaire Net

For those not familiar with Morgellons disease, here's a short primer. The powers that be are trying to write people off that have Morgellons as being delusional, so this is worth watching.

Is Morgellons an out of control CIA type experiment that escaped the lab? Or some human reaction to all of those GM crops and food we're consuming.

One things for sure, the people that have this bizarre, painful condition don't think they're 'delusional.'

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The "Net" Has Already Been Neutered

For those wondering if the FCC is going to enforce some type of "Net Neutrality," with all sites being allocated an even amount of bandwidth so anyone can access their favorite web pages, blogs and MSM sites, wonder no more, as the Internet has already been castrated.
Anger and confusion remains high over these private "back door" meetings that the Federal Communications Commission has been holding with various "stakeholders" regarding its proposed open Internet rules. Reform groups are still up in arms over the Tuesday gatherings, which appear to have focused on a legislative solution to the problem. Congress, it should be noted, is exploring rewriting the Communications Act in response to the current FCC logjam on the issue.

The Washington Post reports that these conferences haven't made much progress; nonetheless, the reform group Free Press has published an ad in that newspaper protesting the sessions.

"FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's top deputies are meeting behind closed doors with industry lobbyists to cut a deal that would effectively hand over control of the Internet to Verizon, Comcast and AT&T," the statement warns.
If you have hi-speed Internet, you probably won't notice the throttling down of access to alternative news site, but if you still have a dial up modem, you'll definitely notice that while you can still access MSM sites like that Zionist viper pit AKA the New York Times, Yahoo, MSNBC and others rather quickly, when you try and access pro-Palestinian or anti-Zionist blogs, you'll discover the true meaning of 'multi-tasking,' as your browser will slow down to the point that you'll have time to drink some coffee, smoke a cigarette, play with the dog, etc. while the page is still downloading.

Maybe that is just a money thing, as those blogs don't generate cash for the Big Boys, and maybe it's something more sinister than just greed.

When you realize that Obama promised to back and deliver 'net neutrality," and you look back at the long list of broken Obama promises, then it's probably time to wonder and worry if an open, healthy and vigorous 'Net is becoming a thing of the past.

In early April, an outrageous court decision handed control of the Internet to companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. The FCC can fix this mistake by reasserting its authority over the Internet and creating strong Net Neutrality rules, but so far it's done nothing. Will FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski make the right choice and protect the Internet?

Internet Kill Switch? BuelahMan’s Redstate Revolt

Monday, June 28, 2010

"I'm Proud to Support Racism, Theft and Murder, Because I'm a Zionist"

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FLA)....Zionist Stooge of the Decade

'Nanna' Lehtinen has been busy this past 19 months, during the 111th Congress session. Busy defending Apartheid Israel's murderous activities, as shown by her introducing a majority of her bills and resolutions that either war monger against Iran or kiss Israeli ass.

The Israeli-Firster and "I'm Proud to Support Racism, Theft and Murder Because I'm a Zionist" crowd in the US House has a dedicated servant in 'Nanna' Lethinen, who crafts her bills with AIPAC help, then ships them to another rabid lover of Apartheid Israel, 'Howie' Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, where they get pushed to the top of the House agenda.

'Nanna' is also good at fleecing Americans of their hard earned money, by introducing endless Holocaust legislation, like HR 4596, that will eventually cost the USA money for an alleged occurrence that we had NOTHING to do with, but will be required to pay money to shysters, con artists and professional liars.

But 'Nanna' has LOTS of groveling supporters in the House. Like when she wanted to pass HR 1391, an act congratulating Israel for membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
The final vote was 418-0.

Or when 'Nanna' wanted to pass HR 260, recognizing the birth of Apartheid Israel, she got close to 200 cosponsors.... Bet those AIPAC checks flowed into those traitors coffers like Manischewitz wine.

Your HR 867, which said: "Calling on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the "Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict" in multilateral fora," got a resounding vote of 344-36, with 22 voting 'present.'

OOPS! Looks like your dedicated lap dogs, or at least some of them, can't stomach ethnic cleansing and outright murder.

Guess we know who AIPAC and your fellow traitors will be targeting in the next primary election, don't we?

And your pseudo-concern about spending tax money to record the Goldstone Report in the Congress was pathetic.

'Nanna,' I didn't see one, not one fucking bill introduced by you to help unemployed Americans. Not one fucking bill to help homeless Americans. And not one fucking bill to help American highways or schools.

But you did vote NO on May 28 to helping out Americans who've ran out of unemployment insurance and voted NO on 12/16/2009 to help America's infrastructure and environment. Wadda gal!

Guess you're just too busy taking care of Apartheid Israel, huh?

But you have tried to hijack Social Security and give the money to your Wall Street buds, so they can make it disappear, like all those trillions they stole during the mortgage backed securities con, with some of that money making it to Apartheid Israel, so is that why you have been such a vociferous supporter of looting Social Security?

All info (except the highlighted portion) taken from the Thomas.loc gov web site

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Israeli's Cheer Beheading of Little Girl


What if this baby was your child?

Jim Dean at Heritage TV in Atlanta sent me this one. I couldn’t help but put it up. I look on this as a test, if you are comfortable with this person and how they think then, well, you are showing a tremendous amount of moral flexibility. We call people like her sociopaths.

Enjoy the short video with a delightful surprise at the end. It isn’t often an Israeli admits to be a Nazi. Please scroll down for more enjoyable photos, quality Israeli “war tourism” shots.

How many more must we butcher before our vengeance for 9/11 is satisified? Is this about seeking revenge for 9/11 or something more sinister?


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kim Kagan...Zionist War Pig of the Week

Of the notorious Kagan family that is constantly agitating for more death and destruction against the Muslim world. This week, she was on the "PBS Newshour," positively glowing about our murderous activities against Afghanistan to the point one might of thought she was having an orgasm when talking about bringing more death and misery to Afghans and Pakistani's.

NONE of the Kagans have ever seen military service, which gives them a G-d given right to tell others they should go off and die fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' but they do infest various Zionist/NeoCon think tanks, like the Institute for the Study of War.

The Kagans are good friends with the war mongering General Petraeus and have hosted his blatherings several times at various Zionist 'think tanks,' which spend most of their time thinking up ways to keep the planned seven decade long war against Islam running strong.


Kim's main squeeze is the flabby faced Frederick Kagan, one of the premier Zionist war mongers whose allegiance to Israel is the driving force behind his wanting American kids to keep getting killed fighting Israel's wars against all non-Jews, but mostly Muslims.

That both Donald and 'Freddie' Kagan were behind the "Project for the New American Century" blueprint for endless war against dark skinned peoples is just a coincidence.

Hey, here's an idea Freddie and Kim! Why don't both of you get your sorry asses down to the nearest Marine or Army recruiting station and volunteer for active service and insist on being stationed in a hot combat zone!
That way, you can put your ideas to work instead of tricking others into fighting your manufactured wars.
BTW, 'Freddie,' all that extra physical training would work wonders for shedding that tonnage off your chunky ass.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wealthy Elite are Having a Hissy Fit

They're concerned that they might actually have to start paying appropriate taxes on their filthy lucre, much of it made from wars, and more wars.

Some are even threatening to move out of the USA if taxes are raised, and one of their 'think tanks,' the Business and Media Institute is rallying the rich around the caviar.

Well, I say, don't let the door hit your Dolce & Gabbana asses on its way out.

The Wealthy Elite Enjoying Some Foie Gras


You wealthy pigs already own most of the wealth and still you bitch that you pay too much taxes. Duh, go figure.

A good argument could be made that America's best time of prosperity for all was back in the 1950's and early 1960's, when there were plenty of good paying jobs that paid enough so the husband/father would be the only one that worked outside of the home and made enough to buy a house; supply his family with all their needs and maybe even have a little vacation home on some out of state lake.
Dad made enough so Mom could stay home and raise the children. And the wealthy elite were still wealthy, but they paid a fair share of taxes, as did corporations.

Not anymore. Taxes on the upper crust have been cut severely and most corporations pay NO tax, despite TRILLIONS of dollars of sales, leaving the burden to fall on the working stiffs. Both Mom and Dad work at least one full time job and many have part-time jobs to make ends meet and the kids are farmed out to be herded like cows in some factory like day care setting.

A lot of your wealth has been made from investing in death and destruction, with the poor and middle-class (what's left of it) fighting manufactured wars based on false-flags.

So you wealthy elitist snobs, you've already moved over 11 TRILLION of your assets offshore to avoid paying taxes, so go ahead and move to be closer to your loot, we won't miss your whiny ass ways.

But fear not, as your cries of desperation are being heard and acted upon.

SCOTUS frees Corporate, White Collar Criminals, "Those Poor Dears Have Suffered Enough," says Chief Justice.

'Israel is a Lunatic State'

But isn't Israel a 'peace' loving nation?

Yes, they want a 'piece' of Lebanon; a 'piece' of Syria; a 'piece' of Iraq; a 'piece' of Saudi Arabia; a 'piece' of Egypt; a 'piece' of Jordan and whatever is left of the 'pieces' in Palestine after the Judeo Nazis get thru 'wiping Gaza off the face of the Earth.'

Crazy remarks of future Israel PM, Hezbollah swap

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet the next president, General Petraeus!

War is Good, Double Good for me and other generals, like my good friend 'Stan,' who stepped aside so I could show my prowess to the NWO boys, but we're both part of the endless war crowd, the Council of Foreign Relations.
The membership of the CFR includes past Presidents, Ambassadors, Secretaries of State, Wall Street investors, international bankers, foundation executives, think tank executives, lobbyist lawyers, NATO and Pentagon military leaders, wealthy industrialists, journalists, media owners and executives, university presidents and key professors, select Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, wealthy entrepreneurs, and as many as ten 9-11 Commission Members.

Carroll Quigley, Professor of History at Georgetown University, stated, "The Council of Foreign Relations is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established."
To make sure those manufactured wars in Iraq and Afghanistan keep hot, I managed to lose hundreds of thousands of weapons in Iraq, which I told those clueless imbeciles 'embedded' with me was just an accounting error.

I have polished my image to come across as a 'good ol' boy,' but I enjoy luxury, living high on the taxpayer's dime and like to live in palaces we've stolen, when I'm not jetting around in my Pentagon supplied custom fitted 60 million dollar Gulfstream 550.

I attended the 2009 Bilderberg Group meeting in Greece and answered all the wealthy elite's questions perfectly, thanks to my grooming at the CFR.

The premier Zionist 'think' tank, AEI, gave me two thumbs up for my presidential aspirations and even awarded me the 2010 Irving Kristol Award for helping murder one million plus Iraqi's, 'existential' enemies of my backers, Israel and the Zionist snobs who run that nation.

Some in the Zionist owned press, have compared me to Dwight Eisenhower!

Soon, you peons will be calling me not General, but President Betrayus!

Afghanistan: The Longest Lost War

Despite the most advanced military technology, the drones, the Special Forces, the increase in the number of trainees, advisers, NGOers and the building of more military bases, the Resistance is winning. Despite almost a decade of warfare, including an invasion and occupation, the U.S. military and its allies and client-state armed forces are losing the war in Afghanistan.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan, also known as the Soviet-Afghan War.

The final troop withdrawal began on May 15, 1988, and ended on February 15, 1989. Due to the high cost and ultimate futility of this conflict, the war in Afghanistan has often been referred to as the Soviet equivalent of the United States' Vietnam War.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AIPAC: We’ll take over Cal’s student government... That's how we operate in our nation’s capitol!"

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] has launched a drive to take over student government at the University of California at Berkeley, the organization’s Leadership Development Director announced at last week’s annual conference in Washington.

Here’s the money quote from Jonathan Kessler, made to student leaders drawn fom 370 campuses, including representatives from all 50 states:
How are we going to beat back the anti-Israel divestment resolution at Berkeley? We’re going to make certain that pro-Israel students take over the student government and reverse the vote. That is how AIPAC operates in our nation’s capitol. This is how AIPAC must operate on our nation’s campuses.
Also included among those chosen to address the students was attorney and militant Zionist Alan Dershowitz, who, reports JTA reporter Ben Harris, was “greeted like a rock star.”
Source: If Americans Knew

Finally, a bit of truth from the numerous Jewish 'hasbara' agents and fifith columnists that have infiltrated our federal government at every level and have a major presence in many state governments.

And more truth, from one of the USA's leading American Zionists, Secretary of State Clinton


Yes, the eternal victim again plays the pity card. What's next, admitting that the same 'rogue' Israeli element was behind 9/11?

We already know that, 'Mikey.'

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Interview with Israeli PM Netanyahu

Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to sit down for an interview.

Let's not waste any precious time with more formalities and get down to business.

First question: "Don't you think that Israel's blockade of Gaza amounts to collective punishment and when you consider that Israel is refusing to let in items like food and medicines, doesn't that equate to a form of genocide?"

PM: "Holocaust™..... Holocaust™...... Chosen by our G-d..... Holocaust™...... Holocaust™........ Holocaust™

"Uhhh, that was an interesting reply, Mr. Prime Minister. What about the recent Gaza Aid convoy that attempted to bring in food, playground equipment and wheelchairs to Gaza, why were they attacked in international waters?"

PM: "Holocaust™..... Holocaust™...... Chosen by our G-d..... Holocaust™...... Holocaust™........ Holocaust™"

"Hmmm, we seem to be stuck, so I'll try another approach. Mr. Netanyahu, there's some serious evidence out that can't be denied that Israel had more than just foreknowledge of 9/11....."

At that point, Netanyahu's bodyguards swarmed over me, beating me to a pulp and finally, into unconsciousness.

When I finally came to, I had a broken nose, several broken ribs, numerous cuts, scrapes and bruises and as I found out in the Emergency Room, a concussion. I also discovered that the Prime Minister's bodyguards had taken my watch, my wedding ring, my laptop, my wallet with credit cards, my cash money and spare change.

I have tried repeatedly to get those items returned, to no avail and found that my credit cards were used to purchase booze, gold necklaces and 'massages' at a nearby D.C. house of ill-repute.

I have been terminated from my job with the WashingtonPostNewYorkTimes, for no reason and my wife and children have been getting death threats over the phone from anonymous individuals.

Signing off from an undisclosed location, this is John Galt.


Israel's National Anthem

(Sung to the tune of "These are a Few of My Favorite Things")

Blood drops on babies and their mothers we're raping
Bright Neutron bombs and mushroom clouds taking
Suitcases filled with stolen bling
These are a few of our favorite things

Bullet ridden corpses and Napalm fried Paleo poodles
Door bells to Hell and brains splattered like noodles
Refugees that get shot, like sheep in the ring
These are a few of our favorite things

Arab girls in white dresses with blue knifed gashes
Drugs in our nose and constant clashes
Stealing their land and their Springs
These are a few of our favorite things

The Insider Trading on Airline Stocks Preceding 9/11 by a 'Chosen One'

This series has been uploaded following a request and information received that it was not easily available. If you are aware of a title on any subject which is not generally available, or can't be found on YouTube - Please contact us and we'll see if we can locate and then upload it.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank G-d for 9/11!

The sick and twisted visions of that sadistic bunch of bastards, the "Project for the New American Century" have become reality, with the USA now spending more, much more on weapons and waging preemptive wars throughout the world, but mostly the ME and SW Asia, to help satisfy Israel's needs for the future and to take out Israel's regional enemies, like Saddam and soon, Iran. (RABBI Dov Zakheim was one of the original 'devil's disciples' of PNAC, more on him later in the blog)

“Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight.… For reasons both moral and strategic, we need to stand with Israel in its fight against terrorism," was one of PNAC's goals, which the Zionist MSM have carried out splendidly, with Americans hating and itching to kill any Arabs, Muslims or Persians that the Jewish owned press puts in our sights.

Another prediction of PNAC:
"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor,"
which came on 9/11.

PNAC, take a bow. You had planned on the USSA increasing military spending by 15-20 billion a year to fight Israel's 'existential' enemies, but we've went way past that amount.
Military spending rose to $1.53 trillion in 2009

World governments ramped up their military spending in 2009 despite a financial crisis and the looming threat of recession, according to a Friday release from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. For 2009, military spending rose 6% in real terms to $1.53 trillion, and is 49% above spending in 2000, the research firm said. Of the top 15 military buyers, 14 increased military spending in 2009, though the U.S. alone accounts for 43% of total military-related purchases.
So much money being poured into death and destruction must make for a hard day's night. But our buds in DC know how to unwind, with some booze, drugs and hookers!

Government for Sale: Shady Defense Contractors, Greedy Lawmakers, Wild Poker Parties and Limousine Hookers

Thank G-d for that glorious day! Our profit margins have skyrocketed selling our implements of death and destruction. We don't care who really did 9/11, we just care about financing the bloody aftermath.

That gawd fearing 'Christian' nation, the USSA, accounts for the majority of this iniquitous increase in death.

To hell with "Feed the Hungry; Minister to the Sick and Shelter the Homeless," we've got around 1.5 billion Muslims to kill so there's no time to waste.

Speaking of waste, isn't anyone watching out for waste in all those trillions the USSA spends on death?

Why YES, in fact our old 'friend,' RABBI Dov Zakheim is on the "Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan!" I'm sure RABBI Dov will bring the same qualities to this dog and pony show that he brought to the Pentagon, where he was Comptroller when that 2.3 TRILLION went missing!
Privatization prices veggies out of school lunch program

The price of fruit and vegetables has doubled since the Department of Defense recently hired a produce distributor under a $37.6 million contract to supply military bases and school lunch programs across N.C. "Schools will be buying a $200 hammer," said one official. Many schools will no longer afford to be able to buy North Carolina produce.
Number of people in the world starving to death increased in 2009, millions will starve as rich nations cut food aid funding, warns UN

"Your Royal Majesty Bernanke, Us Peons Are Hurting!"

Your Royal Highness, things here in the heartland aren't too good. All the good paying jobs have left for foreign shores. We'd like to send our kids to college, hoping that they might land a decent paying job somewhere, but the cost to send our kids to one has leaped into the stratosphere, so the only jobs available in some areas are either working for that big blue monster or asking people if they want fries with their order.... or joining up with the Army or Marines and fighting all those wars you and your banking buddies are making a killing financing.

Our homes are worth way less than we paid for them and even less than the mortgage loan, which your buds on Wall Street helped craft and are making billions and billions off while we languish in poverty. I've seen pictures of some homes, or maybe I should say mansions, that your Wall Street buds live in and my oh my, they are nice!

Our schools are outdated and falling apart, but I notice that some Wall Street banks are building state of the art skyscrapers, to hold and display all their wealth.

Our highways are rutted out and filled with potholes, but it looks like those streets in New York, where those "Too Big to Fail Banks" are located, are shiny and smooth. Guess it's not a good idea to drive a Rolls-Royce over a bumpy street, huh?

Our national debt is thru the roof, but I guess that doesn't bother you, since you and your Wall Street buds and your good buddies, the Rothschilds, are making a killing over loaning us our own money.

So I was wondering about that. About how you and your buds ever managed to rig the system so that you could force Americans to pay interest on their own money that was loaned to them.

Was it because of the Bank Panic/Recession of 1853?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1873?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1893?

Or the Bank Panic/Recession of 1907?

And no, I'm not forgetting that little depression your ancestors engineered back in 1833, when President Andy Jackson told the international bankers choking the life out of America to take a hike and closed down their counterfeiting operation. Guess they got pissed and decided to show America who's really in charge?

All of those Wall Street engineered events eventually led to the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, when our grandparents were told that recessions and depressions would be a thing of the past...

Except they weren't. Wall Street engineered a doozy of a depression in the 1930's, which was deliberately caused by the Fed taking money out of circulation. Wall Street again took America to the cleaners in the 1980's, when they went on a looting spree, cleaning out Savings and Loans across the nation, an event which will costs the taxpayer over 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS by the time it's paid for.

And now this housing bubble thing, which is starting to approach Great Depression levels.

What happened to that promise that depressions and recessions would be a thing of the past? A suspicious person might opine that these crisis were deliberately manufactured by the Fed and those Wall Street banks you're so in love with.

And now I read that the audit of the Fed, which you and your Kosher buds are fighting tooth and nail to avoid, just got jettisoned by our corrupt Congress and in fact, they're passing a law to give the Fed even more power?

Your Royal Majesty, how much power and wealth do the private banking families that own and control the Fed need?

And will there be any crumbs left over to feed my family?

America only produces 4% of the goods it needs

H/T to Buelahman

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Israel to Replace Star of David flag with "Jolly Roger"

The New Israeli Flag, Proudly Being Displayed on Stolen Palestinian Land!


Grand Theft Flotilla

What about the personal property, cameras, computers, Iphones, and luggage? According to Greta Berlin some of the electronics were returned, all smashed up. Others were not given back at all. The Israelis selectively used snippets of passenger video to advance their case that the poor Israelis rappelling from the skies were set upon by well armed terrorists. The rest of the videotape and flash memory cards are kept back, no doubt for THE INVESTIGATION or perhaps they were pre-emptively “lost”.

Berlin said she received a report from a lawyer working for a Turkish organization that over $3.5 million dollars in equipment had been destroyed. Clothing, personal items. If a passenger wants to see if their luggage was returned they can go to a Turkish warehouse and pick though the suitcases packed with random clothing and gear and see what they can recover.

Stealing is not such a big thing. Look at the olive trees that now dot the settlements, fine decorations. It used to be that the Israeli pioneers would plant fir trees of Europe “to make the desert bloom”. But with all the olive trees available, with the hundreds of thousands being bulldozed out as they army builds the Wall and whatnot, why just waste them, why not put them to good use. So the fashion is established.

Why doesn’t Netanyahu get it over with? Remove the Star of David and blue bars from the Israeli flag and hoist up the Jolly Roger.

"Who Am I?"

In the 1960's, I helped 'pacify' those uppity South Vietnamese who didn't care for the USA meddling in their country's affairs. Even helped those lovable lugs with the Phoenix program, where we went around blasting holes in the heads of those damned Vietnamese. Believe me, when you pop a .45 caliber slug into someone's head, they stayed 'pacified,' permanently!

I like to work both sides of the aisle, like helping that great 'DICK,' Nixon and then switching over to assist that lame ass Jimmy Carter during his term.

From 1981-1993, I spent some time with a couple of those "Too Big to Fail Banks" and even managed a stint with my good friends, the Greenbergs at AIG from early 2001 to 2008.(Thanks to my experience from the S & L cons, I knew 2008 would be a good time to get the hell out!)
While I was with those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street Banks, we managed to loot American Savings & Loans for hundreds and hundreds of billions. We used some of that loot to pay off our bitches in Congress so they'd make laws protecting the crooks and dumping the cost of that thievery, over 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS, onto the backs of the same suckers wer cleaned out.

I am Secretary of State Clinton's 'special' adviser to SW Asia and President Barry's point man to that area. I seem to be doing a bang up job, since the whole damned place is getting ready to ignite. But that's OK with me and my buds, as long as we can get that Afghan opium out to heroin processing labs in India and Israel!

I belong to the 'War is GOOD!' Zionist front AKA the Council on Foreign Relations, where my good buds are the war mongering elite, like Elliot Abrams; Max Boot and Dan Senor.

Both of my parents are 'Chosen Ones,' but we seem to have forgot Daddy's name when he stole into the USA back in the 1930's, so we took the American sounding name of ............ Maybe Daddy was one of those Jewish led Bolshevik assassin teams that went around eastern Europe, blasting holes in the heads of those damned peasants who didn't bow down to Zionism??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another MOSSA/CIA False-Flag, Coming SOON to a City Near You?

Combine this, "Alert Issued for 17 Afghan Military Members AWOL From U.S. Air Force Base," with this: "Radical Muslim group holds second recruitment drive in Chicago," add in the usual maniacal, stark raving mad pronouncements from Apartheid Israel and we're either due for another MOSSAD 9/11 special or it's just more psyops, designed to further turn Americans into very useful sheep, using fear to let the Zionist run WH and Congress to continue on with their "Wars for Wall Street and Israel' and to kill and use terror to turn as many Muslims as possible into landless refugees and rotting corpses.

The 'radical' Muslim group, Hizb ut-Tahrir America, only lists three members, and one of those is dead and another, 86 years old.

No word on their web pages as to who funds this group or if they even accept donations.

Maybe they have an unlimited source of funding from that SLC?

Or maybe that notorious 'Desert Sheik,' the terrifying Adam Gadahn, whose real last name is PEARLMAN, is part of this? Or that awe inspiring Yousef al Khattab, real name Joseph COHEN, whose threats make many wet their pants, is heading to this conference?

I shudder at the possibilities.

The USA is Giving 'Excess' Weapons and Ballistic Missiles to Israel

Latest actions of the Israeli stooges and lackey's in Congress

Introduce a House Resolution 270, that says, "Calling on the United States Government to investigate the case of Tristan Anderson, a United States citizen from Oakland, California, who was critically injured in the West Bank village of Ni'lin on March 13, 2009, and expressing sympathy to Tristan Anderson and his family, friends, and loved ones during this trying time," and you'll get a grand total of four, yes four brave souls to sign on and the resolution will get dumped into the trash by referring it to the uber-Zionist Howard Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

I guess the fact that 'Howie's' committee reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list doesn't affect this legislation, does it?

Tristan, you'll recall, was deliberately shot in the face by IOF Storm Troopers while peacefully protesting against Israeli's stealing the indigenous Palestinians land and water and is suffering horribly, both mentally physically from that assault.

But introduce House Resolution 260, that says, "Recognizing the 62nd anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel, and reaffirming unequivocal support for the alliance and friendship between the United States and Israel," and you'll get US Knesset members standing in line, loudly shouting THEY are Israel's best friend. And you'll get close to 200 cosponsors.

Introduce House Resolution 5501, "America Stands with Israel Act," which says
"Expresses the sense of Congress that the United States: (1) supports Israel's right to defend itself; (2) supports Israel's naval blockade of Gaza; and (3) should oppose any investigation by the United Nations (U.N.) into the flotilla incident (involving the May 2010 Israeli interception of ships carrying supplies to Gaza).

Requires the Secretary of State to direct the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations to cease U.S. participation in and membership on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)."
and you'll get nearly 80 Gucci wearing lap dogs, sitting patiently and wagging their tails, hoping their Yid Masters give them a bone.

But good luck finding any House or Senate resolutions regarding the brutal, sadistic Israeli murder of American Furkan Dogan, shot in the head FOUR times by IOF Storm Troopers.

But you will find 'Howie' Berman's House Resolution 2410, the "Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 2010 and 2011," specifically Section 104, which is going to shovel immense amounts of our tax money to Israel, like giving them oodles of our money to 'resettle' refugees, which is double-speak for using American built and supplied armored bulldozers to crush the houses of Palestinians so Jews can steal the land and build US subsidized housing.

Or Section 829, which deals with exporting depleted Uranium 235 to Apartheid Israel.

Or Section 846, which makes sure Israel gets first dibs on any 'spare' or 'excess' US military equipment.

Or Section 848, which authorizes giving our money and technology to Israel so they can develop ballistic missiles, which would be capable of hitting the USA, but Israel wouldn't attack America, would they?

Friday, June 18, 2010

G-d of Israel, For This We Give Thanks

When you visit your kid's grave site at some national cemetery, killed fighting 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' give thanks that your son or daughter died fighting a war for Zionism.

When you drive home on a pothole filled highway, silently utter a prayer for Israel and smile, knowing that the money that should have repaired that road is building state of the art highways in Israel.

When you see another story about thousands of illegals swarming over our southern border each day, give thanks, knowing that our Army Corp of Engineers and our tax money is being used to build a 30' high Apartheid Wall around the West Bank for Israel and an underground barrier between Gaza and Egypt to prevent 'terrorist' items like food, meds and generator fuel from reaching the Gaza Ghetto.


When that pain in your stomach becomes to much to bear, but you still put off seeing a doctor because you can't afford the visit, say "Hallelujah," since you know your tax money is supporting some of the world's finest health care, available to all Israeli Jews, for a mere pittance.

When you read about the skyrocketing costs of higher education here in the USA and realize there's no way your family could afford to send your son or daughter to college, be happy that your taxes are being used to subsidize Jews attending colleges and universities in Israel.

When your husband gets laid off from his decent paying job at a local defense plant, sing praises to G-d that the work was farmed out to a factory in Tel Aviv.

When you wonder if Social Security will still be there when you retire, be thankful that some of your SS money is being given to Jews, emigrating from Russia to the USA and who never paid one red cent into that fund.

When you realize that you can no longer run the dairy farm that has been in the family for 5 generations, smile and be happy, knowing that President Barry removed the tariff on Israeli dairy products that helped protect your enterprise from cheap, foreign Zionist slave labor.

Don't worry about the exploding U.S. national debt, just be happy that much of that debt was incurred helping Israel maintain ME dominance and helping Israeli Jews live a life of luxury.

When you find out that your mortgaged house is worth way less than the loan, sing praises to G-d that in Israel, none of the toxic slop known as mortgage backed securities, created and sold by Wall Street "Too Big to Fail Banks' was peddled to or in Israel and that they have largely escaped the world-wide financial crisis.

Wonder of Wonders!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The ROTHSCHILD Petroleum Corporation, AKA British Petroleum

President Barry's abysmal handling of the BP Gulf disaster could be blamed on indifference; arrogance; stupidity or greed.
Or maybe Barry's just deferring to his "Massa," the Rothschild's.

“Goldman Sachs is obviously an arm of their empire, whereas BP is among a host of companies in [the] Rothschild’s portfolio."

Despite the growing evidence against it, the theory of global warming has been the reason for large international summits in recent years, namely one that was just held in Copenhagen late last December.
During this summit, David Rothschild, "adventurer environmentalist" and an heir apparent to the Rothschild financial empire, in an interview with Bloomberg made the admission – through a series of stuttering verbal bumbles – that the talks in Copenhagen were actually about “global governance” rather than global warming.

The Rothschilds aren't the only one letting the global governance cat out of the bag. Others have made recent mention of one world rule. Herman Van Rompuy, the first “president of Europe”, made strong mention of it in his first press conference on November 19, 2009, going so far as to declare 2009 as the “first year of global governance”. However, without the environmental laws and treaties, this utopia ruled by the banking families of the world may continue only to be a dream in the pipeline.

Courtesy of:
Stephen Kinzer on the History of BP/British Petroleum and Its Role in the 1953 Iran Coup

AMY GOODMAN: Actually, I want to start where you—descriptions and analysis you gave in your previous books and it has to do with BP. Before we get to Turkey and Iran and Israel currently, I wanted to go back in time. President Obama has gone down to Mississippi, and he’s going to be in the Gulf Coast for a few days. But there’s very little discussed about BP’s history, and I’m wondering if you could start with us there.

STEPHEN KINZER: The history of the company we now call BP over the last hundred years has really traced the arc of global transnational capitalism. This company began as a kind of a wildcatting operation in Iran back in the first decade of the twentieth century. It was very entrepreneurial and risk-taking, and they had a bunch of geologists running around in these very forbidding steppes and deserts, and finally they struck what was the greatest find up to that time in the history of the oil industry. They were the ones who discovered that Iran was sitting on an ocean of oil. And then they decided they would take it. Under a corrupt deal that they had struck with a few representatives of the old declining Iranian monarchy, all of whom had been paid off by the company, this concession, which later became known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, guaranteed itself, or won the right to own, all of Iran’s oil. So, nobody in Iran had any right to drill for oil or extract oil or sell oil.

Then, soon after that find was made, the British government decided to buy the company. So the Parliament passed a law and bought 51 percent of that company.
And all during the 1920s and 1930s and 1940s, the entire standard of living that people in England enjoyed was supported by oil from Iran. All the trucks and jeeps in Britain were being run on Iranian oil. Factories all over Britain were being funded by oil from Iran. The Royal Navy, which projected British power all over the world, was run 100 percent on oil from Iran. So that became a fundamental foundation of British life.
Any questions about why President Barry is acting like a tamed minion of BP should be cleared up by the knowledge that BP is a subsidiary of the international band of gangsters that operate out of London.

The Rothschild's have been behind many wars, financing both sides and raking in profits from misery, death and destruction. Profits which compound when they finance the rebuilding of the countries they helped destroy.

The Rothschilds have their tentacles in China, Brazil and India, all rising monetary powers.

Rothschild's Control of Central Banks

Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, 9/11 Cover Up Agent, to Administer BP's $20 Billion Claim Fund
Why Were BP Executives Hired For MMS? Fox, Meet Henhouse

In the weeks since BP's Deepwater Horizon well started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, there's been increasing attention to the "cozy" relationship between the Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the oil industry it's supposed to regulate. How cozy? Just last summer the Obama administration tapped a BP executive to serve as a deputy administrator for land and minerals management.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar last June appointed Sylvia V. Baca to the post, which did not require Senate confirmation. The appointment follows eight years at BP.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Season in Hell: Life in Gaza

An ongoing 60+ year nightmare visited upon the indigenous Palestinians by eastern European and Russian land thieves, which got kicked into high gear after the 9/11 false-flag. While the world was nervously scanning the skies, looking for another MOSSAD hijacked plane slamming into a skyscraper, Israeli land thieves went on a stealing and killing spree in Occupied Palestine.

Who stands to benefit from setting off the false-flag which ignited a war pitting Christians against Muslims? Certainly not Americans. And definitely not the Muslim world. But Wall Street banks have been making a killing off financing these 'Crusades' and Israel's economy is doing just fine, while ours keeps sliding off a cliff into oblivion.

Cui Bono on 9/11?

“We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it “the” Savior; we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners…I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . .”

-Oscar Levy (1867-1946) was a English Jewish physician and scholar

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Israel Investigates Israel for Murder and Surprise, Israel finds Israel Innocent

The promised Israeli 'investigation' of the savage, brutal and unprovoked Israeli attack against the Gaza Aid Convoy Humanitarians (which the Zionist hasbara agents called "Operation Sea Breeze,") will find Israel innocent of any and all charges. We'll hear sob stories about how heavily armed IOF Goons were forced to defend themselves against 80 yo grannies wielding their dentures and threatening to slit the throats of the IOF Storm Troopers of the 'world's most moral army.'
More lies about how those wheelchairs and crutches that the humanitarians were trying to bring into Gaza were actually parts of some sinister 'anti-Semitic' WMD.

The hand picked Zionist Whitewash Brigade That's Investigating Israel's Crimes




By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

BUSTED! I didn’t believe they would be that stupid. You could see the cursor moving in the picture. I saw a man handed a metal bar. Then he walked through, just like a ghost, a solid steel protrusion from the deck, the size of an ashcan. This thing would have stopped a truck but the Fox News “fighters” on the Mavi Marmara were like ghosts. In fact, the “steel bar thugs” were exactly that, or more appropriately, cartoons.

They passed through walls, stood when others cowered and, like the cartoon characters they were, waved their steel bars in the air threateningly, all a fabrication of the IDF bungler squad, made for Likudist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. Like a scene out of the movie, Rising Sun with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes, Israel is “busted” for clumsy attempts to insert scarry cartoon characters into videos counterfeited to support their Gaza blockade. Was this the same Israeli film group arrested on 9/11, the group who spent hours with cameras pointing at the World Trade Center waiting for the attack?
"Pssst, Hey Israel, between that Goldstone War Crimes inquiry not going away and the sadistic, murderous, blood drenched way you treated those humanitarians, isn't it time for an earth-shattering distraction, like another MOSSAD 9/11?"

Do you actually believe that a nation that was founded on lies, murder, theft and deception and continues to use those policies to this day, to expand it's homeland for its √úbermenschmen will actually tell the truth about anything?

Israel HEART those Nasty Nazis!

Under the slug: "At the Gates of Yassergrad," Ha'aretz correspondent's Jan. 25 report cites Israeli military sources for the admission that the IDF has studied the Nazi operations against the Warsaw Ghetto as a model for what the IDF is doing against the Palestinian ghetto today.

A Nation Founded Thru Fear, Threats, Murder, Terror, Lies and Intimidation, this is Israel.

The original 1947 UN mandate said that 55% of Palestine shall be given to the eastern European and USSR interlopers. Never mind that the UN had NO statutory authority to create another state by carving up an existing one.
Since then, Israel has stolen another 25% of Palestine and has a death grip over what's left.

Israel has stolen the valuable Golan Heights from Syria so they could steal that precious spring water.

They've stolen parts of Jordan along the river and have stolen parts of Lebanon... and want to steal some more, ginning up another phony excuse to invade Lebanon so they can go all the way to the River Litani and steal that water.

Whenever Israel invades a neighboring state, one of the first things they do--besides murdering civilians--is to bring in IOF bulldozers to scrape away the topsoil, which is then hauled back to Apartheid Israel.

They stole Egypt's Sinai back in 1967, then pumped out and stole an enormous amount of oil before being bribed by the USA in 1980 to give back what they stole.

Are these the actions of a nation proclaiming to be a 'light unto the world' or the devious machinations of a rogue criminal state of gangsters, assassins, thieves and liars?

Your credit card, made in Israel?

Zionist Stooge of the Week... Andrew McCarthy

"The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America" by Andrew McCarthy in FrontPage Magazine

Yes, those damn 'lefties' are always causing trouble. Back during the manufactured 'boogieman' of the Cold War days, the USSR and those Red Pinkos, the Left was accused of aiding and abetting the Commie takeover of the USA.

Now we're being accused of helping those crafty Muzzies take over America and turn it into part of the Grand Caliphate.

'Rabbi' Andy is interviewed by the mouth-breather Jamie Glazov, a Zionist Russian Jew--and darling of the premier Zionist think tank, AEI--whose family fled Mother Russia, probably one step ahead of an arrest warrant.
Glazov luvs the certifiable Glenn Beck, if that tells you anything.

This brainwashing psyops special is hosted by none other than the 'reformed' communist, David Horowitz, who's openly admitted he's committed TREASON against the USA, but was never prosecuted for his nefarious activities.

Horowitz also founded and runs the truth smashing "Students for Academic Freedom," a Campus Watch type of tyranny that seeks to silence anyone, but especially professors who dare tell both sides of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

More of 'Comrade' Horowtiz's hateful ideologues can be found here

With the Neocon and Zionist 'splendid little war' in Afghanistan going to hell, it's time to rally the troops like 'Rabbi' McCarthy to get out the message that war is good..... and to send US Special Forces Assassination Squads to murder off 'suspected' insurgents.... and they wonder why the Afghan people don't like Americans?

The REAL danger to America are those Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" banks, acting in concert with the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve that is looting our country from within. And the resulting wars from the 9/11 false flag that has pitted the Christian world against the Muslims, with Israel and her Zionist backers standing on the sideline, licking their chops, waiting until both sides exhaust themselves so they can swoop in and pick up the pieces.

Monday, June 14, 2010

America, Still Stuck on Stupid?

All that anti-incumbent 'Pee Party' hysteria we've been hearing in the MSM?

All hot air and BS, as voters in last week's primaries voted a resounding 'AYE' to returning 82 of 84 incumbents to office.

Either Americans have been dumbed down to the point that they shouldn't be allowed around sharp instruments or there's massive voter fraud going on in our elections. It's probably a little of both, but mostly the latter.

If the wealthy elite can steal presidential elections, stealing local races should be a breeze. Like in the great state of WALMARKANSAS, where Senator Lincoln, who's a friend and confidant to the inner workings of corporate boardrooms and attacks any pro-working family legislation like a rabid Rottweiler, just happened to 'win' her primary runoff.

Another of those '52% to 48%' feats of magic that we'll see plenty of in the coming primaries and the November midterms.

American kids, dumber than dirt / Warning: The next generation might just be the biggest pile of idiots in U.S. history

DNA inherited from their potato chip eating, diet soda chugging--gotta watch that weight!--couch bound, TV addicted, Glenn Beck and Bill O'LIElly loving parents.

What's our next President have to say about these weighty matters?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP: Too Big to Bail, Too Big to Fail?

With damages to the Gulf area and surrounding ecosystems and the impact on people's livelihood estimated to be over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS, will BP get the same luxurious treatment afforded those Wall Street Banks we just had to bail out?
BP seeks to limit liabilities in “truce” with White House

Next week BP CEO Tony Hayward and chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg will meet with President Obama in the White House. The meeting will be aimed at forging an agreement between BP and the administration to limit potential liabilities.
BP will write a lot, if not most of the bills they are incurring from the Gulf disaster off as a business expense and deduct it from the money owed to the Rothschild Collection Agency, AKA the IRS.

Guess who will pick up the slack?

And what if BP declares bankruptcy? Guess who will pick up the pieces?

FLASHBACK:Remember Candidate Obama promising to roll back those sweetheart tax cut deals the Bush-Cheney Mob gave to Big Oil?

Congress is already working on ways to use our tax money to pay for this oceans killer and to help BP dodge the costs, like Rep. Roy Blunt's HR 5356, assisted by Louisiana Senator Vitter, he who likes prostitutes to dress him up in diapers, is working furiously to cap BP's limit.

Did widdle Davy make a mess in his DEPENDS, similar to the smelly mess BP has discharged into the Gulf? And who paid for those specialized hookers?

The Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, (a tax paid at the wellhead by the oil companies and passed onto consumers) like the Highway Trust Fund, has already been looted from within and spent on the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' so someone's gonna have to pay and guess what that means?

Senate blocks raising BP's liability costs to Gulf oil spill.

BP plans to dodge any serious payments for its Gulf Disaster and Obama says "Right On"

While everyone has been venting their spleen against BP's CEO, Tony Haywire, BP's Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg has slipped by unnoticed. Carl was hired by BP back in June 2009 and before that, was CEO of Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson and had made the comment that his company needed to invest more and more money into Apartheid Israel.
Obama is Top Recipient of Political Cash from BP, Goldman Sachs, Defense Contractors, Pharma

Politico reports:

BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Obama apparently also got more contributions from Exxon and Chevron than McCain.

Obama had the most political contributions from Goldman Sachs in 2008 of all senators. And Goldman gave more to Obama than any other presidential candidate, and was Obama's second-largest contributor.

In addition, Obama was the top congressional recipient of defense industry contributions for the 2008 election cycle. Obama was also the top recipient of money from the healthcare giants in the presidential election.

Now about those offshore Cayman Islands accounts.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zionist Controlled US State Department in an Uproar

US ‘desperately’ trying to keep Wikileaks from publishing US State Department communications about Arab states and their Zionist handlers.


What's the big worry? Astute people already know the State Department is run by a clown, is corrupt, incompetent when it comes to putting America's needs first and a tool of Israel's murderous ME policies, so where's the harm in showing the sheeple how they're being led around in circles and being used, with all the life sucked out of the USA, so the Zionist entity AKA Apartheid Israel can stay alive, even if the means the complete destruction of America.

“If he really had access to these cables, we've got a terrible situation on our hands," said an American diplomat.

The US foreign policy,
written in blood.


Go to the State Department's web site and look around, you'll see so many 'Chosen Ones' listed as senior staff, one might think you accidentally clicked on the ADL's home page.

Ditto for the State's " Special Envoys and Special Representatives" web page.

And don't be fooled by someone named "Holbrooke," as Dickie is a 'Chosen One' several times over. His father, a Russian Jew, arrived in the USA in the 1930's and changed his name, but the family claims that is so long ago, no one remembers Daddy Holbrooke's real name.

Right. Maybe they forgot on purpose to cover up some CHEKA Death Squad activities in the former USSR?

The end result of a Zionist run State Department, with more to come


Do you still wonder why our foreign policy seems like its crafted by 5th graders?

It's not, it's crafted in Tel Aviv.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Israeli Boot Licker of the Week... Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report's June 9, 2010 show was sickening. Colbert played bootlicker to Israeli LIAR King, 'Mikey' Oren and let Oren tell the same old tired lies about Gaza and the aid convoy. To show his Yid Masters he a good boy, Colbert even took a swipe at the esteemed, brave and very truthful Helen Thomas.

Oren, like other Israeli 'hasbara' experts, kept telling the Big Lie about Gaza; HAMAS, Hezbollah, Shin Bet rocket attacks, NO humanitarian crisis, aid convoy was bringing in arms, etc.

Will anyone in what passes for the press ask about the rising rate of anemia in Gazan children? Or the lack of sanitary drinking water since Israel deliberately bombed Gaza's purification's plant and is not letting in piping or concrete to repair the plant?
Or that Israeli jets scream over Gaza faster than the speed of sound, breaking sonic booms which in turn break glass and terrify the residents both night and day? Or that the IOF regularly sends in American made and paid for Apache helicopter gunships to shoot up Gaza homes? That IOF Storm Troopers regularly shoot at Palestinian kids from a safe distance, like it was some kind of sport?
That Israel even shoots up Gaza fishing boats, trying to make a living by catching fish in Gaza waters?

And that Apartheid Israel denies shipment into Gaza of medicines?

Or that the Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal and even so, under international law, people being subjected to a blockade have a lawful right to resist, including the use of violence?

Maybe Colbert could of asked 'Mikey' why the Israeli pirates that stormed aboard the Gaza Aid Convoy stole all cameras, phones, recording devices, watches and even clothes and jewelry, close to a million dollars worth of personal items and gave no receipts nor have they given anything back.
If the account of that high seas hijacking was like Israel says, then why not show the videos taken by the humanitarians on the convoy?

Colbert reminded me of those other bootlickers, the US Congress, who literally fight one another to be the first to the speaker's well to loudly proclaim THEY are Israel's best friend and to prove it, they are sponsoring another bill to give more of our money to Apartheid Israel.

Israeli's using credit cards they stole from aid convoy humanitarians

To get a lesson on how to smooch Zionist ass, click here to see the video

Stephen Colbert checks his sound bites


Israeli document: Gaza blockade isn't about security

Last week, after Israeli commandos killed nine volunteers on a Turkish-organized Gaza aid flotilla, Israel again said its aim was to stop the flow of terrorist arms into Gaza.

However, in response to a lawsuit by Gisha, an Israeli human rights group, the Israeli government explained the blockade as an exercise of the right of economic warfare.

"A country has the right to decide that it chooses not to engage in economic relations or to give economic assistance to the other party to the conflict, or that it wishes to operate using 'economic warfare,'" the government said.

McClatchy obtained the government's written statement from Gisha, the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, which sued the government for information about the blockade. The Israeli high court upheld the suit, and the government delivered its statement earlier this year.

Sari Bashi, the director of Gisha, said the documents prove that Israel isn't imposing its blockade for its stated reasons, but rather as collective punishment for the Palestinian population of Gaza. Gisha focuses on Palestinian rights.

The Israeli government took an additional step Wednesday and said the economic warfare is intended to achieve a political goal. A government spokesman, who couldn't be named as a matter of policy, told McClatchy that authorities will continue to ease the blockade but "could not lift the embargo altogether as long as Hamas remains in control" of Gaza.
"Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one"

Stephen Colbert to Michael Oren: ‘Palestinians should go back to where they came from’

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel? You Make the Call!

1. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, repeatedly told/tells its people that they were/are a type of 'Master Race,' CHOSEN above all to be above all?

2. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, was/is ruled by paranoid psychos who, thinking the world was/is out to get them, armed themselves with all the latest weapons?

3. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, was/is helped in securing all of those weapons by factions in the US government and Wall Street?

Nazi Germany on the left, Apartheid Israel on the right


4. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, used/uses the entire range of media to show the world only one picture, that of a 'peace' loving nation?

5. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, used/uses wealth stolen from countries invaded to live like kings?

6. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, used/uses lies to treat a certain segment of its people like some type of sub-human?

Nazi Germany on the left, Apartheid Israel on the right


7. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, was/is adept at using the false-flag to start wars and generate sympathy for its villainous activities?

8. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, used/uses people as guinea pigs for medical experiments?

9. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, used/uses the "Big Lie" technique, where a lie is told over and over so that it brainwashes people into believing the lie?

10. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, stole/steals arable land from its neighbors to make way for a future super state?

Nazi Germany on the left, Apartheid Israel on the right


11. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, has/had special Army units that terrorize people by shooting pregnant women in the stomach and their kids in the head?

12. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, constantly did/does flaunt international law to accomplish its goals?

13. Which country, Nazi Germany or Apartheid Israel, threatened/ threatens to destroy the entire world if its demands are not met?

The answer to all questions is both Nazi Germany and Apartheid Israel.

Any Questions?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Baaaaa, Mooooooo, Moooo... Baaaaa"

"Baa, baaaa.. Moooo, mooooooooooo..."Hey, what you doing with that knife at my throat and what happened to my wallet?"
NATALEE HOLLOWAY, Lebron James, NATALEE HOLLOWAY, Lady Ga-Ga, NATALEE HOLLOWAY, PARIS, BRITNEY, LINDSEY.... "AHHHH.... "Baaaaaa, baaaaa.....Moooo, Moooooooo"


Former CIA Officer: Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media

Ahhh, Israel. The land of hidden cameras, easy access to 'love' drugs like XTC and that damned good looking Shin Bet tour guide, who is ready, willing and waiting to fulfill any needs of the visiting Congress.

The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel

Israel Rules America!

All of those Wall Street "Too Big to Fail" Banks; most of the senior positions at both the Treasury and State Departments; damn near all of the top postions at the world's largest counterfeiting operation, the Fed and many executive postions at the upper levels of the Pentagon are filled by 'Tribe' members.

This you can call anti-Semitic all day long, but it won't take away from the truth of who is in control of the USA and using this country to support and benefit that Apartheid Nighmare on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Poll: 49% of Americans Blame Pro-Palestinian Activists for Flotilla Deaths

Good thing those Arabs control Hollywood, right AJ?
Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood: an outlaw hero that even the rich can love

In their new version of the legend, Robin Hood, Ridley Scott and screenwriter Brian Helgeland happily eviscerate all of the character’s essential content, leaving a dry husk filled with their own nasty concoction. To summarize, they revise the story to add a chapter in the life of Robin Hood which precedes the great story we all know and love, or in Hollywood-speak: they have made a “prequel”.

This new chapter presents a very unheroic, brooding Robin (Russell Crowe) who is not really an outlaw at all, but ultimately a great patriot who aids a corrupt and ruthless king to unite the country—exploiters and exploited alike—against a demonic and ever-present foreign enemy, France. Another new addition: Robin Hood and his merry men initially meet and band together as mercenaries slaughtering Muslims in the Crusades!

Chewing Our Cud While Our Throats are Being Slit

Zionist Nick Rockefeller told Russo (Maker of the movie "Freedom to Fascism") about the plan to microchip the population, warned him about 'an event that would allow us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq' some eleven months before 9/11 and foretold the fact that the 'War on Terror' would be a hoax wherein soldiers would be looking in caves for non-existant enemies.

Rockefeller also tried to recruit Aaron Russo to the Council on Foreign Relations during the tenure of their friendship. Now, a picture send by the Russo family verifies that friendship and strengthens evidence of the global agenda which Rockefeller related to the filmmaker so frankly during their private conversations.

Russo goes in-depth for first time on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, including his prediction of 9/11 and the war on terror hoax, the Rockefeller's creation of women's lib, and the elite's ultimate plan for world population reduction and a microchipped society

In the full interview, available on Google Video, Aaron begins by describing how the draconian and mafia tactics of Chicago police woke him up to the fact that America wasn't free after his nightclub was routinely raided and he was forced to pay protection money.

H/T to Facts not Fairies

David Rockefeller, founder of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, discusses his meeting with Saddam Hussein. The meeting was held at the request of Henry Kissinger. Rockefeller comments that their meeting is "all the more interesting" due to the role that Saddam would play after their meeting. In case you don't know David Rockefeller is one of the leaders of the world government movement. They create and fund "threats" like Saddam to generate fear among the general population. Fear leads to control.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Can You.. Name that Terrorist?"

I was the head butcher at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps massacre in 1982 where militias directed by me went on a killing, raping and torturing spree against mostly women and children... SIGH, those were the days.
Thanks to my blood soaked record of gore and murder, my fellow countrymen gladly elected me Prime Minister.
One of my greatest accomplishments in life was helping with the 9/11 false-flag.
Right before I slipped into a well-deserved coma, my weight had ballooned to the point that there was a moon orbiting my humongous ass.

Who am I?

I was the smart-ass kid in high school everyone hated, but my Daddy's money kept me safe. I are such a dumb fuck I could barely pass high school and graduate from college, but my Daddy's money made lots of friends.
When I was governor, I set a record for the number of executions I signed off on, a record for killing that I continued after 9/11, which my favorite 'DICK,' tells me we helped make possible. To make sure I'd get into the WH in time so my favorite 'DICK' could help direct the 9/11 false-flag, my Daddy's money bought lots of goodwill in Florida.

Who am I?

I led one of the world's most ruthless and blood thirsty terrorist gangs, the Irgun. I personally led other Jew terrorists back in 1948 when we descended upon the peace loving Palestinian town of Deir Yassin. We went on a killing spree, shooting people in the head, disemboweling women and smashing babies heads against rocks... Yes, we knew how to have fun back then.
I knew we had to shock the world with our terrorist activities, by directing our self-absorbed rage against civilians, like my bombing of hotels so the world would let us steal Palestine just to get those crazy fuckers out of their hair. IT WORKED! Later, my fellow terrorists, murderers, rapists, liars, thieves and false-flag experts elected me head of the new state.

Here's my favorite pic of me, the one that helped get me elected Prime Minister of Israel!


Who am I?

We are close to 100 million strong in the USA alone. We love to worship idols, so gawd fearing quacks like John Hagee have directed us to worship Israel and not Jesus... Wasn't he a Palestinian?
Each and every day, we pray for Israel and send her as much money as we can so those peace loving Israeli's can buy all the weapons in the world. Each day, we pray that some of those weapons will be used to set off a World War, so Jesus can take us up to Heaven on a mushroom cloud.
When the Gaza Aid Convoy approached our favorite tourist destination, we cheered and shouted "Hallelujah" when we saw the reports that our dear Israeli friends had shot unarmed peace activists in the head.

If you've ever been to one of our services where we 'talk in tongues,' you'd think we were either completely fucking crazy or on drugs.


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