Monday, June 7, 2010

BP to America: Bend Over Again, We've Got Another Shot of OILY LUV 4 U!

All that huffing and puffing President Barry Sotero is making out about the 'bills' the feds are sending BP to cover the expenses of BP's massive Gulf Devastation Project?

Just a dog and pony show, because BP will probably write a lot, if not most of the money off they pay as a business expense and deduct it from their future corporate income taxes, money they pay to the Rothschild Collection Agency, AKA the IRS.

The IRS will then have to look elsewhere for the money they need to skim off Americans and ship to the private banking families of the Rothschild Collection Agency.

In short, the American Taxpayer will wind up paying for BP's horrendous catastrophe that is killing the Gulf.

This is a subject that will come up frequently in many drive thru lanes at banks and fast food joints that people will discuss in an sober manner while their SUV is idling and the AC blasting.

And all those people huffing and puffing about BP's CEO, "Phony' Tony Hawire, demanding he resign? It won't happen, as BP realizes they need to leave 'Phony' Tony in charge so people will direct their wrath toward him and not BP.


Organizational chart of the Rothschild Occupational Government

I.R.S.: The enforcement arm of the Fed, is the Internal Revenue Service, established by the Rothschilds in 1933 (actually, the IRS goes back to the Civil War) as a "soak the rich" scam. It is also a private corporation. It serves to collect tribute from the American public, which is then channeled through the Fed, into Rothschild pet projects. "Internal" means that it was set up to collect money "internal" to the federal government, NOT from private citizens, who are actually paying the bulk of the tribute.
Our money supply is loaned into circulation by the Fed, charging interest which cannot be paid until taken out of the next year's principle. Money collected by the IRS is sent to the Fed (NOT the Treasury). It is then credited towards the principle on the money supply (the interest does not exist yet), with the actual funds send to the Soviet Union, Red China and other Rothschild projects.
Federal Reserve notes not only violate a Constitutional prohibition against paper money (Article 1, Section 10), but are also in violation of 12 USC 411, which restricts them to transfers between member banks of the Federal Reserve Board, and 18 USC 334, which makes it a felony to release them into general circulation, except in accordance with law. Now, title 18 is law, but title 12 is not. Does that mean that they may be circulated anywhere? Or doesn't it really mean they may not be circulated at all?
It is even worse. Federal Reserve notes are insurance script; anything purchased with them belongs, not to the purchaser, but to that party whose name is on the script: Federal Reserve. What does it all mean? Our leaders have sold out our country for some gold beads and an illusion of power. They have betrayed us; they have betrayed their office, they have committed treason against the people and Constitution of the United States of America. As such, they have shown themselves unfit for anything but imprisonment.

The 10 Primary Stockholders in the Federal Reserve System are:
1) The Rothschilds ~ London
2) The Rothschilds ~ Berlin
3) The Lazard Brothers ~ Paris
4) Israel Seiff ~ Italy
5) Kuhn-Loeb Company ~ Germany
6) The Warburgs ~ Amsterdam
7) The Warburgs ~ Hamburg
8) Lehman Brothers ~ NY
9) Goldman & Sachs ~ NY
10) The Rockerfellers ~ NY

These figures are from the original charter of the federal reserve bank back in 1913. Since that time they have sold their shares so now we have 300 banking families. But the Queen of England has and remains a 65% stockholder stake as per se the Act of 1871 in which the constitutional government declared bankruptcy and was replaced with a pseudo-corporate government controlled by the crown of england, which has been masquerading as the constitutional government ever since.

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