Friday, June 4, 2010

"Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza? What Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza?"

Who you gonna believe, all those Israel 'Ministry of Truth' hasbara (hasbara is a Yid term for lying) agents all over the MSM, telling numerous lies about the savage, brutal and unprovoked attack on those brave souls trying to bring in desperately needed supplies to Gaza or your lying eyes?
Lies Israel needed to pollute the MSM about how Gaza don't need no supplies, all is just fine and dandy in the world's largest outdoor concentration camp.

Supplies like wheelchairs; food; meds; window glass to replace the thousands of windows shattered by Israel's brutal bombings and by IAF jets flying low over Gaza faster than the speed of sound. The sonic boom breaks windows and terrorizes children; piping and concrete to rebuild Gaza's severely damaged drinking water and sewage systems deliberately destroyed by ZIONAZIS in their sadistic 2008 attack against Gaza and children's toys, like playground equipment.... Don't want to let in that stuff, those sneaky Gazans might use some swings to launch ICBM's at Europe.
Gaza Humanitarian Relief, Palestinian Refugees Aid, Lebanon Relief Aid, West Bank Gaza Crisis

The American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) is an American 501(c)3 non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian and development aid to the Middle East, specifically, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Jordan. Founded in 1968 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War, ANERA initially sought to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians by providing emergency relief. While still providing emergency relief, ANERA now also addresses the long-term economic and social needs of Palestinians, Lebanese and Jordanians through its health care, education and job creation programs. By helping people meet their fundamental needs, ANERA understands its work as an essential component to peace in the Middle East.

The largest American NGO operating in the West Bank and Gaza, ANERA works closely with local institutions, such as schools, universities, health facilities, cooperatives, municipalities, grassroots communities, and charitable associations to improve the community services they provide.

Access is still denied for reconstruction materials, including cement, irrigation pipes and glass for windows. Gaza residents can’t rebuild.

Rehabilitated 12 preschools using materials (doors, toilets, sinks etc) recycled from the war destruction.

33% of farmland remains damaged and destroyed (Agricultural Development Association).

Cleared plastic waste from hundreds of acres of farmland, readying it for cultivation andemploying 30 workers.

About 10% of children under five suffer from malnutrition (World Food Program).

Provided vitamin-fortified milk and biscuits through our Milk for Preschoolers program to approximately 20,000 children in over 150 schools.

Over 80% of Gaza residents depend on humanitarian food aid to survive (United Nations [UN]).


$9 million in medicines, health care supplies, blankets, school kits, kitchen sets, hearing aids and equipment; $1.62 million in food packets to Gaza families. More than 120,000 jobs have been lost in the private sector (UN), Gaza’s entire industrial zone has been either demolished or crippled.

Provided 450 families each with 10 hens and a rooster for egg-harvesting and incomegeneration.

At least 10,000 Gaza residents remain without access to the water network (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs).

Connected more than 400 families in Jabalia, Khan Younis and Deir-El Balah to water networks. Many families who were living in tents have been moved to temporary indoor shelters for the winter. Thousands remain in tents.

Delivered 900 pairs of shoes and 600 backpacks to children who lost their homes and belongings during the bombings.

Where the bombs missed, poverty, malnutrition, loss of family members and depression remain.

Any comment, 'Mikey' Oren? And do you use toilet paper to wipe your face after each time you blabber lies on the MSM?

Some of the photos Israel has been showing about the Gaza Aid convoy were taken in 2005 and 2006
Lying About The Gaza Flotilla Disaster

It’s been one lie after another in the US media about the Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound relief flotilla. No matter that the Israeli media views the whole incident as a debacle for Israel, in this country the Israel-can-do-no-wrong crowd is on overdrive defending the operation. As usual, facts don’t matter to them.

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