Monday, June 28, 2010

"I'm Proud to Support Racism, Theft and Murder, Because I'm a Zionist"

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FLA)....Zionist Stooge of the Decade

'Nanna' Lehtinen has been busy this past 19 months, during the 111th Congress session. Busy defending Apartheid Israel's murderous activities, as shown by her introducing a majority of her bills and resolutions that either war monger against Iran or kiss Israeli ass.

The Israeli-Firster and "I'm Proud to Support Racism, Theft and Murder Because I'm a Zionist" crowd in the US House has a dedicated servant in 'Nanna' Lethinen, who crafts her bills with AIPAC help, then ships them to another rabid lover of Apartheid Israel, 'Howie' Berman, Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, where they get pushed to the top of the House agenda.

'Nanna' is also good at fleecing Americans of their hard earned money, by introducing endless Holocaust legislation, like HR 4596, that will eventually cost the USA money for an alleged occurrence that we had NOTHING to do with, but will be required to pay money to shysters, con artists and professional liars.

But 'Nanna' has LOTS of groveling supporters in the House. Like when she wanted to pass HR 1391, an act congratulating Israel for membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
The final vote was 418-0.

Or when 'Nanna' wanted to pass HR 260, recognizing the birth of Apartheid Israel, she got close to 200 cosponsors.... Bet those AIPAC checks flowed into those traitors coffers like Manischewitz wine.

Your HR 867, which said: "Calling on the President and the Secretary of State to oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the "Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict" in multilateral fora," got a resounding vote of 344-36, with 22 voting 'present.'

OOPS! Looks like your dedicated lap dogs, or at least some of them, can't stomach ethnic cleansing and outright murder.

Guess we know who AIPAC and your fellow traitors will be targeting in the next primary election, don't we?

And your pseudo-concern about spending tax money to record the Goldstone Report in the Congress was pathetic.

'Nanna,' I didn't see one, not one fucking bill introduced by you to help unemployed Americans. Not one fucking bill to help homeless Americans. And not one fucking bill to help American highways or schools.

But you did vote NO on May 28 to helping out Americans who've ran out of unemployment insurance and voted NO on 12/16/2009 to help America's infrastructure and environment. Wadda gal!

Guess you're just too busy taking care of Apartheid Israel, huh?

But you have tried to hijack Social Security and give the money to your Wall Street buds, so they can make it disappear, like all those trillions they stole during the mortgage backed securities con, with some of that money making it to Apartheid Israel, so is that why you have been such a vociferous supporter of looting Social Security?

All info (except the highlighted portion) taken from the Thomas.loc gov web site


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  3. GO AWAY zinky chinky scummy agents. Go fly kites or something, it's a sunny day outside.

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    A: You get illenas & elenas of the world. :)

  4. Project Vote Smart lists Ros-Lehtinen as Episcopalian. Ros-Lehtinen’s maternal grandparents were Sephardic Jews from Turkey who had been active in Cuba’s Jewish community. Her mother later converted to Catholicism.

  5. It's 'Nanna's' ties to the Miami Cuban community that helps keep her in office.


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