Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Israel Investigates Israel for Murder and Surprise, Israel finds Israel Innocent

The promised Israeli 'investigation' of the savage, brutal and unprovoked Israeli attack against the Gaza Aid Convoy Humanitarians (which the Zionist hasbara agents called "Operation Sea Breeze,") will find Israel innocent of any and all charges. We'll hear sob stories about how heavily armed IOF Goons were forced to defend themselves against 80 yo grannies wielding their dentures and threatening to slit the throats of the IOF Storm Troopers of the 'world's most moral army.'
More lies about how those wheelchairs and crutches that the humanitarians were trying to bring into Gaza were actually parts of some sinister 'anti-Semitic' WMD.

The hand picked Zionist Whitewash Brigade That's Investigating Israel's Crimes




By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

BUSTED! I didn’t believe they would be that stupid. You could see the cursor moving in the picture. I saw a man handed a metal bar. Then he walked through, just like a ghost, a solid steel protrusion from the deck, the size of an ashcan. This thing would have stopped a truck but the Fox News “fighters” on the Mavi Marmara were like ghosts. In fact, the “steel bar thugs” were exactly that, or more appropriately, cartoons.

They passed through walls, stood when others cowered and, like the cartoon characters they were, waved their steel bars in the air threateningly, all a fabrication of the IDF bungler squad, made for Likudist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. Like a scene out of the movie, Rising Sun with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes, Israel is “busted” for clumsy attempts to insert scarry cartoon characters into videos counterfeited to support their Gaza blockade. Was this the same Israeli film group arrested on 9/11, the group who spent hours with cameras pointing at the World Trade Center waiting for the attack?
"Pssst, Hey Israel, between that Goldstone War Crimes inquiry not going away and the sadistic, murderous, blood drenched way you treated those humanitarians, isn't it time for an earth-shattering distraction, like another MOSSAD 9/11?"

Do you actually believe that a nation that was founded on lies, murder, theft and deception and continues to use those policies to this day, to expand it's homeland for its Übermenschmen will actually tell the truth about anything?

Israel HEART those Nasty Nazis!

Under the slug: "At the Gates of Yassergrad," Ha'aretz correspondent's Jan. 25 report cites Israeli military sources for the admission that the IDF has studied the Nazi operations against the Warsaw Ghetto as a model for what the IDF is doing against the Palestinian ghetto today.

A Nation Founded Thru Fear, Threats, Murder, Terror, Lies and Intimidation, this is Israel.

The original 1947 UN mandate said that 55% of Palestine shall be given to the eastern European and USSR interlopers. Never mind that the UN had NO statutory authority to create another state by carving up an existing one.
Since then, Israel has stolen another 25% of Palestine and has a death grip over what's left.

Israel has stolen the valuable Golan Heights from Syria so they could steal that precious spring water.

They've stolen parts of Jordan along the river and have stolen parts of Lebanon... and want to steal some more, ginning up another phony excuse to invade Lebanon so they can go all the way to the River Litani and steal that water.

Whenever Israel invades a neighboring state, one of the first things they do--besides murdering civilians--is to bring in IOF bulldozers to scrape away the topsoil, which is then hauled back to Apartheid Israel.

They stole Egypt's Sinai back in 1967, then pumped out and stole an enormous amount of oil before being bribed by the USA in 1980 to give back what they stole.

Are these the actions of a nation proclaiming to be a 'light unto the world' or the devious machinations of a rogue criminal state of gangsters, assassins, thieves and liars?

Your credit card, made in Israel?


  1. 金銀愈加磨鍊,愈加光亮,人生愈加考驗,生命愈加光輝。 ............................................................

  2. No way! Israel is innocent of everything!

    Get your head through this fact, goyim. As long as we are in charge, we are always innocent.

    Even if we stand over your dead body holding your bloodied head up in one hand, a dripping sabre in the other, we are innocent because we are the "chosen ones" and you (sticks out tongue and makes a funny noise) are NOT! We can do nothing wrong so we are innocent and the sooner you accept this fact, the better off you will be.

    But we want to sell your children anyhow. And harvest your organs. We are always innocent.

    Sheesh when will you ever learn?

    (Greg knows me and my sick manner of self expression, but to any others reading this, honest, it is a parody of Israel.)


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