Sunday, June 20, 2010

Israel to Replace Star of David flag with "Jolly Roger"

The New Israeli Flag, Proudly Being Displayed on Stolen Palestinian Land!


Grand Theft Flotilla

What about the personal property, cameras, computers, Iphones, and luggage? According to Greta Berlin some of the electronics were returned, all smashed up. Others were not given back at all. The Israelis selectively used snippets of passenger video to advance their case that the poor Israelis rappelling from the skies were set upon by well armed terrorists. The rest of the videotape and flash memory cards are kept back, no doubt for THE INVESTIGATION or perhaps they were pre-emptively “lost”.

Berlin said she received a report from a lawyer working for a Turkish organization that over $3.5 million dollars in equipment had been destroyed. Clothing, personal items. If a passenger wants to see if their luggage was returned they can go to a Turkish warehouse and pick though the suitcases packed with random clothing and gear and see what they can recover.

Stealing is not such a big thing. Look at the olive trees that now dot the settlements, fine decorations. It used to be that the Israeli pioneers would plant fir trees of Europe “to make the desert bloom”. But with all the olive trees available, with the hundreds of thousands being bulldozed out as they army builds the Wall and whatnot, why just waste them, why not put them to good use. So the fashion is established.

Why doesn’t Netanyahu get it over with? Remove the Star of David and blue bars from the Israeli flag and hoist up the Jolly Roger.

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