Saturday, June 5, 2010

Israel's Currently Picking Our Next President

Sheeple Institute, Tel Aviv May 2010 meeting

In attendance were Fed head Ben Bernanke; FOX and Media Corporations Rupert Murdoch; New York Times head Arthur Sulzberger; "Wolf"; Sam Zell and Haim Saban, multi-media scions; 'Abe'; AIG's actual owners, the Greenberg family; Goldman Sachs head Lord Blankfein; US Treasury Secretary Geithner, along with Israeli PM Benny Nuttyahoo and Ehud Barak.

Ehud Barak: "Gentleman, let us proceed with the task at hand, keeping those damned fools in the USA funding our state with money, weapons, technology, business secrets and to keep any serious investigation of our Wall Street Casino operations and our control of the Fed where it belongs... HIDDEN!... and to keep Americans fighting our wars in the ME and SW Asia, but most importantly, to trick those idiots into another 'Shock and Awe' campaign, against Iran!"

"To accomplish those very worthy goals for Zionism, we've decided to install a different American president in 2012, since that damned Schwartzer we put into POTUS back in November 2008 is proving to be a clueless clown when it comes to working for OUR goals. Plus, when he gets away from a teleprompter, he's more tongue-tied than that other US president we installed, GW Bush. We need to come up with another catchy phrase for our next candidate for POTUS that will have those brain-dead Americans drooling, just like they did when hearing "Hope and Change!" (The room erupts into laughter, with some laughing so hard, tears come to their eyes.)

Rupert Murdoch: "Americans like to think they're always #1 and the best at everything they do, so maybe a phrase that works that...."

Arthur Sulzberger: "Rupert has brought up an excellent point about those dumbass Americans and always fantasizing about being #1, so the next American president we pick should say something like, 'I'm an American first and ..."

"Wolf": "If only we could come up with another "Hope and Change," Jesus H, Christ, those dumbfucks fell for that line of shit like we knew the suckers would!" (Again, lots of laughter around the room)

Benny Nuttyahoo: "How about 'America is #1 in my heart and I'll keep America #1!' or something along those lines? Remember, our GOY idiots in America have short attention spans and can only register something that has a catchy phrase, so they can repeat it like the well-trained parrots they are."
"And by the way gentlemen, we need to congratulate our dear friends 'Wolf" and Mr. Murdoch for their very skillful handling of the Gaza Aid Convoy story. Even though I hand picked the assassins we sent on board the Mavi Marmara, to kill certain enemies of Israel and machine-gun some who were sleeping, both networks, CNN and FOX have displayed an amazing talent for pushing our lies and blotting out the truth. Again, we need to thank.. " (the room breaks out in riotous applause) .... Mr. Murdoch and "Wolf," as you both know, we're not thru yet telling our psyop story over and over. We'll continue with the plan we had before those Aid workers departed Cyprus; currently we are 'gently persuading' some of the captives to write an admission of guilt that we will narrate. As soon as those come thru, you know what to do!"

Tim Geithner: "I just want to add that the imbecilic John Hagee, who thinks we like him, is still worth his weight in gold... well almost. He's managed to convince tens of millions of Evangelicals and Pentecostals that Israel is their friend.." (more laughter).... good thing those morons don't read our most Holy Book, the Talmud! Anyway, John Boy just got another serious chunk of change deposited in his Cayman Islands account, so we can count on him to spread more lies about the Gaza Massacre!"

Benny Nuttyahoo: "And we need to praise the ever vigilant Abe and the ADL! Without Abe labeling everyone who dare have an intelligent and original thought as being some kind of anti-Semite or trotting out those worn-out lies about the Holocaust™, our job would be much harder." (Thunderous applause)

Ehud Barak: "Gentleman, I think we've worked long enough and need a break! We just happen to have some very young and very beautiful teenage boys and girls we kidnapped from Gaza and the West Bank. They're in the next room, slightly drugged and available for your pleasure. Do what you will with them, because when you are through, the ones still alive will be transferred to one of our IDF hospitals where they will gladly 'donate' their organs to the Great State of Israel! The dead will be fitted with 'suicide' vests, then transported near one of our towns and the HE set off. "Wolf" and Rupert already have the MSM releases that will say the usual BS about jihad, Allah, 72 virgins and all that other psyops we created to scare our American sheep into doing our dirty work. So enjoy and when we come back, we can set our minds to finalizing the details for our next false-flag against the USA!"
(At this point, the entire room erupts with laughter and catcalls while the attendees rise and move towards the 'Entertainment' room.)


  1. Greg.... my goodness, another brilliant piece from you! Here is my lamest attempt to recreate the entertainment room scene .....

    attendees rise and move towards the 'Entertainment' room

    Wolf Shittzer on JNN:
    Mohammed and Allah were seen as they were trying to blow up a bagel shop .... Rabbi Moshe was able to recognize Mohammed immediately, since he started the now famous draw Mohammed page on Facebook.

    Allah was recognized by none other than Carla Bruni Sarkozy, as she was buying 666 dozen of bagels from the shop while she spotted a mysterious figure lurking around the bagel shop wearing burqa. Mrs. sarkozy used her i heart israel phone to dial IDF for immediate back up.

    THIS JUST IN!!.....

    Mohammed & Allah is seen fleeing the scene using a gateway car. We aren't sure about the identity of the driver yet but he is capable of walking on water as he was spotted briefly by the locals who were celebrating the __th victory of "peaceful siege" on Mavi Marmara.

    We are finally getting some reports about the identity of this 3rd person involved in this - as he was approaching towards the car, he stopped momentarily and slapped a drunken patron attending the event and drove away with the rest. Even though the patron is unharmed but he is totally shaken by this. He kept repeating "Jesus slapped me, Jesus slapped me for real" to the paramedics. This patron is famous for his "we killed Jesus and we're proud of it" outburst on youtube from years back.

    Our global hawk is confirming now, the car occupying Allah, Mohammed & Jesus is heading towards Gaza ....


  2. Sounds about right, Musique. 'Wolfie' is so full of BS his eyes must be brown... or black from hatred of all non-Jews.

  3. 您的部落格文章真棒!!有空我一定會常來逛!!.........................


    And exactly who will these radical homegrown terrorists be? Well anybody they say they are.


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